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Praxis Core Writing Study Guide

The Praxis Core Writing exam is designed to measure teaching candidates' readiness for certification in instructing students in core writing skills. The exam is used to evaluate whether a test-taker is ready to enter a university education program and to certify new educators. This computer-based exam consists of forty selected-response questions and two essay questions. Candidates have one hour and forty minutes to complete the entire test: forty minutes for select-response questions and thirty minutes each for two open-response items. The selected-response segment is divided into four units:

  • Word usage
  • Sentence correction
  • Revision in context
  • Research skills

The open-response section consists of the candidate demonstrating proficiency in effectively writing the following essay types:

  • Argumentative
  • Informative/Explanatory

This Praxis Core Writing study guide provides an overview of areas covered by the exam.

Praxis Core Writing study guide (5723)
Text Types, Purposes, and Production60% (~6-12 questions and 2 essays)
Language and Research Skills for Writing40% (~28-34 questions)
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Text Types, Purposes, and Production

Specific objectives of the Text Types, Purposes, and Production section include issues related to improving word choice, tone style, and text organization as well as a general understanding of how to improve text.

Text Production: Writing Arguments

Prospective educators who are studying for the Praxis Core Writing exam should demonstrate knowledge of how to write effective arguments by applying appropriate writing techniques, including:

  • Preparing essays by using applicable supportive evidence and sources
  • Creating writing samples for an informed adult audience
  • Introducing a specific topic effectively in an essay and maintaining an emphasis on that topic

Applicants will be expected to present writing samples that demonstrate an ability to create effective arguments by showing expertise in providing clear ideas. Future teachers will understand how to combine ideas and use a variety of sentence types in writing. In constructing efficient sentences, applicants will review the essay to ensure no errors are present.

Text Production: Writing Informative/Explanatory Texts

In this section, the applicant must write an informative or descriptive essay that expresses complex concepts and specific information concisely through successful selection and analysis of materials. They should also demonstrate the ability to:

  • Write according to the audience's knowledge
  • Develop coherent concepts by logically organizing and linking them

Applicants will need to know how to integrate relevant information that is derived from various sources. As with all essays, candidates should always maintain an emphasis on the topic throughout the essay. Future educators should demonstrate the ability to use various sentence structures and to write sentences efficiently and without error.

Text Production: Revision

Writing is a process that typically requires one or multiple revisions when refining any type of essay or other writing form. Future educators will be expected to apply their knowledge of reviewing and editing text to ensure the best version of their writing is being presented. Candidates must use effective language skills to understand how language works in different contexts. They will also be expected to make informed choices about stylistic needs when writing specific text types for specific audiences. Additionally, future educators should be conscious of applicable language to use in writing specific essays that deliver the intended message.

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Language and Research Skills for Writing

The final content category will require future educators to demonstrate grammar proficiency and use of standard English practices while identifying appropriate research techniques and applying them to a variety of writing styles.

Language Skills

This Praxis 1 Writing study guide lists the main skills that are tested in this content category section. Candidates will be asked to read passages and properly identify and fix mistakes and misuses of various grammatical conventions such as nouns, pronouns, adjectives, verbs, and adverbs.

Additionally, candidates will be expected to identify and correct sentence structural relationships, such as sentence fragments and misplaced phrases. They will also need to accurately identify and correct word selection disagreements. Additionally, applicants will be asked to read selected passages and determine whether any writing mechanical errors exist within the given text.

Research Skills

When future educators study for the Praxis Core Academic Skills for Educators: Writing exam, they should review this content category when identifying study material on how to apply effective research skills and techniques for writing. Evaluation of sources is a vital component of the research process. It is essential that candidates understand that research involves balancing source credibility with source relevancy.

Prospective educators will also be asked to identify various referenced components. They should be able to identify parts of a citation. Candidates will also be asked to establish applicable research sources.

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