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If you need to prepare for a Praxis exam, try one of Study.com's free Praxis practice tests to get you started. Available for over 50 Praxis exams, these practice tests will help you quickly measure your areas of strength and weakness so you can focus on what will most impact your score. After taking your practice test, you'll receive an analysis immediately with study suggestions you can use to start preparing for your exam.

It can be difficult to know exactly what you need to focus on while studying for a big test. Fortunately, our free Praxis diagnostic practice tests will identify the concepts you should review and suggest topics to skip. Once equipped with a high-level understanding of your performance, you can study for your Praxis exams more effectively, saving you time and building your confidence. After you've completed your free practice test, you'll already have a head-start on your path to Praxis success!

Once your practice test is complete, we'll recommend comprehensive Praxis study guides, video courses and multiple in-depth practice exams designed specifically for your Praxis test that you can access with a Study.com membership. Our full practice tests align with the content you'll encounter on your exam, and they'll help you get comfortable with the Praxis exam style and question format. That way, you won't encounter any surprises on test day! Our Praxis courses offer bite-sized and entertaining lessons that cover all the required concepts for your Praxis exam. Each lesson is taught by an expert instructor and includes short quizzes to help you focus on improving your mastery. You can even structure your study time and stay on track with a customized study schedule that reminds you when and what to study. With flexible courses available 24/7 and the tools you need to succeed, you can effectively study on your time.

We also provide in-depth Praxis resources to help you understand the ins-and-outs of Praxis, such as the Praxis registration method, Praxis passing scores, available Praxis test dates and more. With these resources, study guides and practice tests, you'll have all the preparation you need for test day. To get started, simply pick a Praxis exam and take one of our no-risk 15-question practice tests completely free of charge. There's no membership required, so take your free practice test today!

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