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What are the Praxis Subject Tests?

Find out who the Praxis Subject Tests are for and why candidates take these tests. Learn about how the tests are structured and delivered, when you can take a test, and how to prepare.

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How to Register for the Praxis Exam

There are three main ways you can register for the Praxis exam. Continue reading to learn about these registration methods as well as which exam and situations require special registration. You can also find out registration deadlines, basic information about the Praxis exam and how to locate a test center.

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Study.com Praxis Scholarship: Application Form & Information

Study.com is proud to announce three new scholarships designed to support Praxis test takers as they go through this pivotal step on the way to becoming certified educators in their state.

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Praxis Test Dates

Praxis tests can be administered continuously or over the course of short testing windows, while a couple of exams are only available once or twice annually. Keep reading to find out when your Praxis exam is offered, learn how to check your state's licensing requirements, and discover resources that can help you prepare for some of these tests.

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Praxis Resources

Practice tests, video lessons, diagnostic knowledge assessments, and personalized answers help you be ready on test day.

Praxis exams are used to measure the pedagogical knowledge and skills that are necessary for most entry-level teaching jobs. Because Praxis tests may be taken for a variety of academic and professional purposes, we know that it can be difficult to determine which exam you need to register and prepare for. That's why we've collected a wealth of informational resources that go over the essentials of Praxis. Let Study.com show you everything you need to know about Praxis exams!

If you're an aspiring teacher who is applying for a college teaching program, you may need to take the Praxis Core Academic Skills for Educators exam. Some states may require you to take the Praxis Core, Praxis Subject Assessments or Praxis Content Knowledge for Teaching Assess-ments as part of the teacher licensing process. To make sure you fully understand what exam you need to take, we've written comprehensive articles about the different types of available Praxis exams. Just take a look at What Is Praxis? and What are the Praxis Subject Tests? to learn specific information regarding the types of Praxis tests you need to take based on your school's entrance requirements and/or state's teaching certification process. We also have a wide array of articles that cover Praxis score requirements by individual states.

After determining which tests you need to take, we'll show you how to properly register for your Praxis exam, select an upcoming test date and find a testing center that's close to you. And we don't stop there! Once you've selected your Praxis exam, we'll walk you through the process of preparing for your exam and applying effective test-taking strategies/tips for passing the Praxis. We also offer comprehensive Praxis study guides that cover all of the information you need to know. Our Praxis courses contain short and engaging lessons that make your test preparation experience effective, efficient and enjoyable. You'll learn from subject-matter experts who present Praxis concepts in a way that's easy to understand and remember, and our courses come with quizzes and practice exams to help you get comfortable with the Praxis question format. If you ever have any questions as you study, process, simply reach out to our team of expert tutors. They'll be happy to help you out! Our study guide materials are available 24/7 and accessible on any computer or mobile device. This flexibility helps you prepare for your Praxis exams whenever you have free time to study and wherever you happen to be.

Let us take the confusion out of your Praxis exam journey. To get started, simply take one of our free 15-question Praxis practice tests to get an initial assessment of your knowledge. There's no risk involved and no sign up required, so take your free Praxis practice exam today!

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