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Easy explanations to easily catch up on math. Taking the Praxis after being out of school for 18 years, and this has been a huge help.

Lati R.
Lati R.

I have had to take 3 different Praxis exams and was my main source of study materials. I passed all of my exams by studying from this site.

Brianna E.
Passed Praxis Exams has allowed me to have visual aids along with written lessons so I am able to combine learning strategies to get the best amount of studying done for the Praxis exam.

Brianna O.

This is the best learning format I have ever seen! I have been struggling to study for Praxis for months. I like how it meets me where I am.

Joanna D.
Teacher - Presque Isle, Maine

I have completed my course of study for my upcoming Praxis exam. If I ever need to study for another test or the like, I'm definitely coming back. :-)

Martin S.

Your courses on the Praxis exams are on point! Highly organized, concise, and entertaining. I never need to search long for the information I'm looking for. The videos are fun to watch and educational.

Tyson C.
Tyson C.
Get ready for the Praxis exam with fun, engaging lessons.

I am a 40 year old that was studying for the Praxis. It has been a VERY long time since i had to study for anything and made the material SO digestible and accessible. It was so well organized that it eased my anxiety so much! I didn't get through the entire course (but that's on me!) but what I did helped me SO much - I would definitely recommend it in the future to anyone, even my own kids!

Jennifer G.
Jennifer G.

It has been extremely helpful in preparing for the Praxis.

Alejandra S.
Student - Hayward, California

This online course really prepares you for the actual Praxis exam! Thank you

Samantha B.

I used to prepare for a Praxis Test. I had not taken any of the 4 courses which were covered on the test. Studied intensively for 12 days - finished the course AND I passed the Praxis.

Shelly G.
Passed Praxis
Shelly G.

This has been a great program for studying for my Praxis test. The information that I need to study is overwhelming, but this has helped break it all down so that it is manageable, easy to understand, and interesting.

Rebecca J.

I am studying for the ELA Praxis but discovered this can be a terrific teaching tool in the classroom as well.

Llyod G.

I used to study for my Social Studies Praxis, and I passed!!!!

Savana R.
Newport, Arkansas
Passed Social Studies Praxis

Everything I needed to be successful on my Praxis test was included in the lessons I took! I passed with a score higher than the average. Thanks for helping me be successful!

Shirley G.
Passed Praxis Exam
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