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PhD - Nursing Education

Capella University's Ph.D. in Nursing Education program is designed for registered nurses interested in pursuing academic careers in postsecondary institutions. Find out more about this online doctoral degree program here.

Official Program Name:

Ph.D. in Nursing Education

School Offering Program:

Capella University

Degree Level:


Program Prerequisites:

The Ph.D. in Nursing Education program at Capella University requires prospective students to be registered nurses. They should have current or recent experience working in a hospital, clinic, or other healthcare setting. Applicants to Capella University who are under 24 years of age must have completed at least two years of college or have active military status; some programs may have additional admissions requirements.

Program Description:

Nursing theories, teaching strategies, and adult education practices are among the main focuses of Capella University's Ph.D. in Nursing Education, which is offered as a specialization in the Ph.D. in Education program. Specialization courses provide study in nursing curriculum development, program evaluation, professional roles of nurse educators, learning theories, nursing education scholarship opportunities, and philosophies in nursing. Students also learn about adult education theories, classroom diversity issues, educational program effectiveness, and learning assessment techniques. Students also receive mentor and peer support throughout the dissertation research and presentation process.

Learning Format:


Total Credits Required:

120 credits.

Financial Aid Available:

Capella participates in several federal financial aid programs including the Federal Pell Grant Program and Federal Stafford Loan Program. Capella is also eligible to certify Veterans Educational Benefits and can provide information on other non-federal loan programs.

Capella-funded scholarships are also available in select disciplines, such as the Robert C. Ford Human Services Scholarship and the Helene Krivosha Scholarship for education students. There are also external scholarships offered specifically to Capella students, such as the Go the Distance Scholarship.

Tuition, Financial Aid & Start Dates

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Required Courses for a Ph.D. in Nursing Education:

Degree program and course requirements are subject to change. Contact Capella University to confirm the most accurate information before enrolling in a program.

Core Courses

  • ED 8002: Foundations of Theory and Practice in Doctoral Studies (4 credits)
  • ED 8112: Educational Research Methods (4 credits)
  • ED 8102: Introduction to Qualitative Research (4 credits)
  • ED 8122: Statistics for Educational Research I (4 credits)

Specialization Courses

  • ED 7311: Theory and Methods of Educating Adults (4 credits)
  • ED 7314: International and Multicultural Perspectives in Postsecondary and Adult Education (4 credits)
  • ED 7712: Classroom Assessment in Education (4 credits)
  • ED 7310: Evaluating the Effectiveness of the Educational Process (4 credits)
  • ED 8350: Advanced Nursing Theory and Concepts (4 credits)
  • ED 8355: Curriculum Design and Evaluation in Nursing Education (4 credits)
  • ED 8360: The Nurse Educator: Faculty Roles and Responsibilities (4 credits)
  • ED 8365: Teaching Strategies in Nursing Education (4 credits)
  • ED 8370: Nursing Leadership and Professional Practice (4 credits)

Elective Courses

  • Approved Graduate-Level Electives (44 credits)

Residency Requirements

  • Three 4-day weekend experiences
    • ED-R 8921: Ph.D. Colloquium Track 1 (non-credit)
    • ED-R 8922: Ph.D. Colloquium Track 2 (non-credit)
    • ED-R 8923: Ph.D. Colloquium Track 3 (non-credit)

Dissertation and Exam

  • ED 9919: Doctoral Comprehensive Examination (4 credits)
  • ED 9960: Dissertation Courseroom (5 quarter credits each)
    • Students must register for ED 9960 a minimum of four times

Post-Graduation Opportunities

Career Paths:

Graduates of Capella University's Ph.D. in Nursing Education program could apply the instructional and management skills they might have developed in the program to teaching positions in higher education institutions. They could work in 2- or 4-year colleges or universities, nursing schools, or in adult education programs. They might also teach nurses in hospital or clinic training programs.

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