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BS in Game Art

Full Sail University's Bachelor of Science in Game Art program is designed to give students applied practice in creating art for video games. Read more about Full Sail University's BS in Game Art here.

Official Program Name:

Bachelor of Science in Game Art

School Offering Program:

Full Sail University

Degree Level:

Bachelor of Science

Program Description:

Students enrolled in Full Sail University's Bachelor of Science in Game Art program have the opportunity to learn about 3D computer graphics for video games. Instruction covers topics such as character animation and design, scene building, and modeling for game environments. Students should have a background in art and may want to establish a foundation in painting, sketching, and sculpting before beginning the program. By the end of the program, students could have a thorough understanding of the concepts and skills used by professional game artists.

Learning Format:


Program Length/Total Credits Required:

120 credits for the online program.

Financial Aid Available:

Financial aid is available for those who qualify. Aid opportunities include federal grants; military aid; and federal, state, and private lending programs.

Tuition, Financial Aid & Start Dates

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Required Courses for a Bachelor of Science in Game Art:

Degree program and course requirements are subject to change. Contact Full Sail University to confirm the most accurate information before enrolling in a program. Course requirements for the on-campus program may vary; contact a Full Sail University representative for more information on the on-campus program.

Game Art

  • CGA 101: Fundamentals of Art 1 (3 credits)
  • CGA 102: Fundamentals of Art II (3 credits)
  • CGA 112: Principles of Design (4 credits)
  • CGA 121: 3D Foundations (4 credits)
  • CGA 131: Fundamentals of Animation (3 credits)
  • CGA 221: 2D Animation (4 credits)
  • CGA 223: Character Animation I (3 credits)
  • CGA 235: Character Animation II (4 credits)
  • CGA 251: Art Creation for Games (4 credits)
  • CGA 342: Character Design and Creation (4 credits)
  • CGA 352: Production Modeling (4 credits)
  • CGA 433: Character Rigging I (3 credits)
  • CGA 435: Character Rigging II (4 credits)
  • CGA 482: Demo Reel Creation (4 credits)
  • CGG 333: Game Animation (4 credits)
  • CGG 381: Game Production (3 credits)
  • CGG 400: Game Cinematic Assets (4 credits)
  • CGG 442: Advanced Game Characters (4 credits)
  • CGG 482: Level Design (4 credits)
  • DIG 1302: Model Creation (4 credits)
  • GRA 1161: Shading and Lighting (4 credits)

General Education

  • MGF 1213: College Mathematics (4 credits)
  • ENC 1101: English Composition (4 credits)
  • PPE 2110: Ethics and Psychology (4 credits)
  • PHY 1000: Fundamentals of Physics (4 credits)
  • MTG 1205: Geometry and Measurement (4 credits)
  • GEN 251: Historical Archetypes and Mythology (4 credits)
  • SPC 2140: Interpersonal Communications (4 credits)
  • SPC 1606: Public Speaking (4 credits)

Post Graduation Opportunities

Furthering Your Education:

Graduates of Full Sail University's BS in Game Art program could pursue additional education at the master's degree level. Further education could help graduates hone their artistic skills and learn about new developments in video game design and development.

Master's degrees that graduates could pursue include but are not limited to:

  • Master of Science in Game Design
  • Master of Fine Arts in Media Design

Career Paths:

After completing Full Sail University's BS in Game Art, graduates could pursue positions with game studios. They may work with game development teams and help game designers create characters and settings for new video games.

Possible careers related to the Bachelor's in Game Art include:

  • Character Animator
  • Level Designer
  • Motion Capture Artist
  • Texture Map Artist
  • 3D Environment Artist
  • Character Modeler
  • Character Rigger
  • Technical Director

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