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BS in Game Design

Full Sail University's Bachelor of Science in Game Design program is designed to teach the fundamentals of design for video games. Learn more about Full Sail University's BS in Game Design here.

Official Program Name:

Bachelor of Science in Game Design - Online

School Offering Program:

Full Sail University

Degree Level:

Bachelor of Science

Program Description:

Students enrolled in Full Sail University's Bachelor of Science in Game Design program have the opportunity to learn techniques for using interactive storytelling to design games. Program coursework exposes students to design processes such as planning, prototype development, and testing. Students also learn about additional game design considerations, such as usability, aesthetics, and levels of play. They use professional-quality design tools when completing projects, which may help them prepare for careers with design companies. The program also includes business-oriented coursework that covers topics such as leadership and marketing.

Learning Format:


Program Length/Total Credits Required:

120 credits.

Financial Aid Available:

Financial aid is available for those who qualify. Aid opportunities include federal grants; military aid; and federal, state, and private lending programs.

Tuition, Financial Aid & Start Dates

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Required Courses for a Bachelor of Science in Game Design:

Degree program and course requirements are subject to change. Contact Full Sail University to confirm the most accurate information before enrolling in a program.

Game Design

  • GDN 1130: Game History (3 credits)
  • GDN 1230: Game Design I (3 credits)
  • GDN 1340: Storytelling (4 credits)
  • GDN 1440: Economics (4 credits)
  • GDN 2130: Design and Development Analysis (3 credits)
  • GDN 2240: Usability (4 credits)
  • GDN 2340: Leadership (4 credits)
  • GDN 2430: Team Building (3 credits)
  • GDN 3140: Design Project (4 credits)
  • GDN 3240: Programming Foundations (4 credits)
  • GDN 3340: Game Mechanics (4 credits)
  • GDN 3430: Design Tools I (3 credits)
  • GDN 3540: Design Tools II (4 credits)
  • GDN 3630: Level Design I (3 credits)
  • GDN 3740: Level Design II (4 credits)
  • GDN 3840: Prototyping I (4 credits)
  • GDN 4140: Prototyping II (4 credits)
  • GDN 4240: Game Design II (4 credits)
  • GDN 4340: Aesthetics and Immersion (4 credits)
  • GDN 4440: Testing and Play Balancing (4 credits)
  • GDN 4540: Research and Marketing (4 credits)
  • GDN 4630: Final Project I (3 credits)
  • GDN 4730: Final Project II (3 credits)
  • GDN 4840: Final Project III (4 credits)

General Education

  • DEP 2004: Developmental Psychology (4 credits)
  • ENC 1101: English Composition (4 credits)
  • GEN 2140: Anthropology and Sociology (4 credits)
  • GEN 251: Historical Archetypes and Mythology (4 credits)
  • MGF 1040: Finite Math (4 credits)
  • MGF 1340: Statistics (4 credits)
  • PHY 1020: Fundamentals of Physics (4 credits)
  • SPC 2140: Interpersonal Communication (4 credits)

Post Graduation Opportunities

Furthering Your Education:

After completing Full Sail University's BS in Game Design program, graduates could pursue additional education in order to further their understanding of design principles and game technologies. Earning a master's degree could prepare graduates for leadership positions on game development teams.

Master's degrees that graduates could pursue include but are not limited to:

  • Master of Science in Game Design
  • Master of Fine Arts in Media Design

Career Paths:

Graduates of Full Sail University's BS in Game Design program could pursue positions with game studios. They may work on a team with fellow designers as well as game artists, programmers, and marketers. Full Sail University offers career development services to both students and alumni.

Possible careers related to the Bachelor's in Game Design include:

  • Lead Designer
  • Game Play Designer
  • Level Designer
  • Economics Director
  • Combat Systems Designer
  • Multiplayer Game Designer
  • Systems Designer
  • World Designer

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