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BS in Mobile Development

Full Sail University's Bachelor of Science in Mobile Development is designed to help students prepare for an exciting career in the entertainment industry. Read on to learn more about the Bachelor of Science in Mobile Development.

Official Program Name:

Bachelor of Science in Mobile Development

School Offering Program:

Full Sail University

Degree Level


Program Description:

Full Sail University's Bachelor of Science in Mobile Development aims to teach students the interactive and design skills needed to create applications and games. The program focuses on design, usability, and programming. Students take design courses in creative theories in art direction, user experience, and playability. Full Sail's program also focuses on addressing concerns involved with electronic devices, such as unresponsive or confusing applications. Through this program, Full Sail hopes to fashion students with the skills necessary to create engaging software that plays into the unique strengths of different interactive and design formats.

Degree Format:


Program Length/Total Credits Required:

136 credits

Financial Aid Available:

Financial aid is available for those who qualify.

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Required Courses for a Bachelor of Science in Mobile Development:

Mobile Development

  • MDV 3330 Advanced Scalable Data Infrastructures (4 credits)
  • MDV 2210 Advanced Visual Frameworks (4 credits)
  • MDV 2550 Apple Development Language: Objective C I (4 credits)
  • MDV 3550 Apple Development Language: Objective C II (4 credits)
  • MDV 4210 Application Deployment I: iPhone and iPad (4 credits)
  • MDV 4330 Application Deployment II: Android (4 credits)
  • MDV 4510 Cross-Platform Mobile Development (4 credits)
  • MDV 4710 Immersive Application Deployment (4 credits)
  • MDV 4910 Integrated Product Development (4 credits)
  • MDV 4920 Integrated Product Deployment (4 credits)
  • MDV 2830 Java I (4 credits)
  • MDV 3830 Java II (4 credits)
  • MDV 3910 Mobile Business and Marketing (4 credits)
  • MDV 3630 Mobile Development Frameworks I (4 credits)
  • MDV 3730 Mobile Development Frameworks II (4 credits)
  • MDV 3850 Mobile Development Frameworks III (4 credits)
  • MDV 4630 Mobile Game Design (4 credits)
  • MDV 1630 Mobile Interfaces and Usability (4 credits)
  • MDV 1310 Mobile Media Design I (4 credits)
  • MDV 1410 Mobile Media Design II (4 credits)
  • MDV 4110 Mobile Player Experience (4 credits)
  • MDV 3110 Mobile User Experience (4 credits)
  • PMA101 Project Management and Assessment I (1 credit)
  • PMA102 Project Management and Assessment II (1 credit)
  • PMA203 Project Management and Assessment III (1 credit)
  • PMA204 Project Management and Assessment IV (1 credit)
  • PMA305 Project Management and Assessment V (1 credit)
  • PMA306 Project Management and Assessment VI (1 credit)
  • PMA407 Project Management and Assessment VII (1 credit)
  • PMA408 Project Management and Assessment VIII (1 credit)
  • MDV 2330 Scalable Data Infrastructures (4 credits)
  • MDV 1830 Visual Frameworks (4 credits)

General Education

  • GEN 2140 Anthropology and Sociology (4 credits)
  • ART 2007 Art History (4 credits)
  • ENC 1101 English Composition I (4 credits)
  • MGF 1040 Finite Math (4 credits)
  • PSC 1030 Fundamentals of Physical Science (4 credits)
  • SPC 1606 Public Speaking (4 credits)
  • MGF 1340 Statistics (4 credits)
  • ENC 2110 Technical Writing (4 credits)

Post Graduation Opportunities

Furthering Your Education:

Graduates from Full Sail University's BS in Mobile Development program could choose to continue their education at the graduate level. Earning a master's degree could qualify graduates to seek out upper-level management or executive levels. It may also help them improve their knowledge of mobile development.

Master's degrees that graduates could pursue include but are not limited to:

  • Master of Science in Game Design
  • Master of Science in Education Media Design and Technology
  • Master of Fine Arts in Media Design


Graduates from Full Sail University's BS in Mobile Development program could pursue entry-level positions in the mobile development field. Responsibilities may include application design, project management, game design, and marketing.

Positions that graduates could pursue include:

  • Mobile Application Designer
  • Mobile Application Usability Specialist
  • Mobile Game Designer

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