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BS in Psychology

Grand Canyon University's Bachelor of Science in Psychology program is designed to prepare graduates for entry-level jobs in the psychology field. The school's Christian focus adds an extra dimension to this degree. See more about Grand Canyon University's Bachelor of Science in Psychology program here.

Official Program Name:

Bachelor of Science in Psychology

School Offering Program:

Grand Canyon University

Program Prerequisites:

Grand Canyon University's Bachelor of Science in Psychology program is intended for those who are interested in psychology and the psychology field.

Program Description:

Psychology has been defined by some as the study of past and present human and organizational behavior. Grand Canyon University believes that individuals who understand these behaviors have a responsibility to try to improve various relationships and to help others do the same. Bachelor level courses in psychology generally include studies of personalities and sexual behaviors. The Bachelor of Science in Psychology program at Grand Canyon University does not shy away from these courses, but also takes a unique look at them from the Christian perspective. The program also explores social psychology, health psychology, experimental psychology, abnormal psychology, and counseling fundamentals.

Learning Format:


Program Length:

120 credits

Financial Aid Available:

Federal financial aid, including loan, grants, and scholarships, is available to qualifying students. Students can find out about scholarships and other financial aid opportunities from a Grand Canyon University Enrollment Counselor.

Tuition, Financial Aid & Start Dates

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Required Courses for a Bachelor of Science in Psychology:

Program and course requirements are subject to change. Contact Grand Canyon University to confirm the most accurate information before enrolling in a program.

Psychology Major

  • PHI 305: Ethical Thinking in the Liberal Arts (4 credits)
  • PSY 102: General Psychology (4 credits)
  • PSY 225: Human Sexuality (4 credits)
  • PSY 255: Personality Psychology (4 credits)
  • PSY 357: Lifespan Development (4 credits)
  • PSY 369: Social Psychology (4 credits)
  • PSY 380: Introduction to Probability and Statistics (4 credits)
  • PSY 356: Learning and Cognition (4 credits)
  • PSY 352: Health Psychology (4 credits)
  • PSY 452: Experimental Psychology (4 credits)
  • PSY 470: Abnormal Psychology (4 credits)
  • PSY 460: Fundamentals of Counseling and Guidance (4 credits)

General Education

  • University Foundations (4 credits)
  • Effective Communication (9-12 credits)
    • Includes at least 3 credits in English grammar or composition
  • Christian Worldview (4 credits)
  • Critical Thinking (11-12 credits)
    • Includes at least 3 credits in college-level mathematics
  • Global Awareness, Perspectives, and Ethics (6-8 credits)

Post Graduation Opportunities

Furthering Your Education:

Students who complete the Grand Canyon University's Bachelor of Science in Psychology program won't be able to work as a psychologist with a bachelor's degree alone. To become a licensed psychologist, graduates will need at least a master's degree.

Master's degree options graduates can pursue include:

  • Master of Science in Psychology
  • Master of Arts in Forensic Psychology
  • Master of Arts in Media Psychology and Social Change
  • Master of Arts in Educational Counseling
  • Master of Science in School Psychology
  • Master of Science in Industrial/Organizational Psychology

Career Paths:

Many people think of a degree in psychology in terms of counseling. While this is a frequent goal for someone who earns Grand Canyon University's Bachelor of Science in Psychology, grads can pursue careers other than counseling. Because psychology is focused on dealing with people, graduates may choose from a variety of careers that require expertise in dealing with the public.

Positions graduates could pursue include:

  • Community relations manager
  • Human resources administrator
  • Parole or probation officer
  • Sales representative
  • Vocational rehabilitation counselor