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BS in Human Services

The Bachelor of Science in Human Services program at Kaplan University offers students the opportunity to study foundational knowledge and best practices for the field. Learn more about this program here.

Official Program Name:

Bachelor of Science in Human Services

School Offering Program:

Kaplan University

Degree Level:

Bachelor of Science

Program Description:

Kaplan University's Bachelor of Science in Human Services program takes an interdisciplinary approach and combines aspects of multiple disciplines, including psychology, sociology, health services, law, and criminal justice. The goal of the program is to help prepare students to meet the growing twenty-first century challenges in the human services field. The major coursework in the program is designed to allow students to develop planning and evaluation skills, systems management techniques, and values and ethics. Within the major area study, students may choose an emphasis area of human services administration, gerontology, or child and family welfare. Students also must complete core requirements in communications, mathematics, and the sciences in order to complete their bachelor's degree program.

Learning Format:


Program Length/Total Credits Required:

180 credits. Kaplan University defines an academic year as the time in which a full-time student is expected to complete three terms of instructional time. Full-time students are expected to complete at least 36 credit hours within the academic year.

Financial Aid Available:

Financial aid is available for those who qualify. Aid opportunities include military aid and federal, state, and private lending programs.

Tuition, Financial Aid & Start Dates

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Required Courses for a Bachelor of Science in Human Services:

Degree program and course requirements are subject to change. Contact Kaplan University to confirm the most accurate information before enrolling in a program.

Major Requirements

  • CM 206: Interpersonal Communications (5 credits)
  • HN 115: Human Services Program and Profession (5 credits)
  • HN 144: Human Behavior and the Environment (5 credits)
  • HN 200: Survey of Social Problems (5 credits)
  • HN 205: Applied Skills for Human Services (5 credits)
  • HN 220: Prevention and Crisis Intervention (5 credits)
  • HN 300: Human Services and Social Policy (6 credits)
  • HN 330: Case Management in Human Services (6 credits)
  • HN 410: Human Services Delivery (6 credits)
  • MM 207: Statistics (5 credits)
  • PS 124: Introduction to Psychology (5 credits)
  • 300/400-level: Emphasis Area Courses (24 credits)
  • HN 499: Bachelor's Capstone for Human Services (6 credits)

Core Requirements

  • CM 107: College Composition I (5 credits)
  • CM 220: College Composition II (5 credits)
  • CS 204: Professional Presence (3 credits)
  • Choose one of the following (5 credits):
    • MM 150: Survey of Mathematics
    • MM 212: College Algebra
  • Choose one of the following (5 credits):
    • HU 200: Critical Evaluation in the Humanities
    • HU 245: Ethics
    • HU 250: Humanities and Culture
  • Choose one of the following (5 credits):
    • SC 200: Discovering Science - Current Issues in a Changing World
    • SC 235: General Biology I - Human Perspectives
    • SC 246: Fundamentals of Microbiology
    • SC 250: Science for Everyday Life
  • Choose one of the following (5 credits):
    • SS 211: The 1960s - Reshaping the American Dream
    • SS 236: People, Power, and Politics - An Introduction to American Government
    • SS 250: The Technological Revolution - A Social Scientific Approach
  • Open Electives (59 credits)

Post Graduation Opportunities

Furthering Your Education:

Kaplan University's Bachelor of Science in Human Services program is designed to prepare students to pursue entry-level positions or to continue their education at the graduate level.* Students who hold a master's degree could be better prepared for a wider variety of positions or increased job responsibilities. Examples of graduate degree programs students could apply for include:

  • Master of Science in Psychology
  • Master of Public Administration
  • Master of Science in Management

Career Paths:

Students in this program have the opportunity to develop analytical, communications, and technology skills. These skills could help prepare students to pursue entry-level employment in the human services field.† Job opportunities graduates could pursue include‡:

  • Outreach worker
  • Community Organizer
  • Family support worker