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PhD in Education - Educational Leadership

The Ph.D. in Educational Leadership program is designed to provide learners with a research-centered approach to understanding modern day issues that school officials face. Read more about this exciting Northcentral University program here.

Official Program Name:

Ph.D. in Educational Leadership

School Offering Program:

Northcentral University

Degree Level:


Program Prerequisites:

Individuals interested in applying to this program may be education professionals or administrators seeking a stronger understanding of field-specific organizational management practices. A foundation in education laws and inclusive teaching methods should prove helpful. Applicants to Northcentral University's online graduate programs should already possess a bachelor's degree; some programs may have additional requirements.

Program Description:

Individuals enrolled in this doctoral degree program have the opportunity to examine instructional practices designed to maximize student potential and performance, including those intended to improve literacy. In addition, the program is designed to provide learners with an overview of how school programs and instructors are evaluated for effectiveness. Participants will have the chance to examine legislation and regulations affecting instructional professionals. The curriculum is also designed to cover topics in resource administration, labor management, crisis administration, and community relations. Before completing the program, learners will have the chance to develop an original educational plan that could be adopted and implemented by schools.

Learning Format:


Program Length/Total Credits Required:

This program may be finished in 60 credit hours. However, students needing additional time to complete final research studies can utilize a total of 75 credit hours.

Financial Aid Available:

Financial aid is available to qualifying students. Graduate students may apply for Federal Stafford Loan or the Federal Graduate PLUS Loan. Military personnel and veterans may qualify for special assistance or tuition reduction.

Tuition, Financial Aid & Start Dates

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Required Courses for a Ph.D. in Educational Leadership:

Program and course requirements are subject to change. Contact Northcentral University to confirm the most accurate information before enrolling in a program.

Doctor of Education Foundation Courses (24 credits)

  • EDU 8000: Foundations for Graduate Study in Education
  • EDU 8001: Advanced Scholarly Writing
  • ED 7012: Educational Leadership
  • EDR 8200: Scholarly Literature Review
  • EDL 8335: Evidence-Based Decision-Making in Educational Leadership
  • EDL 8025: Educational Policy, Leadership, and Research
  • ED 7008: Educating a Diversity of Learners
  • EDR 8203: Research Methods
  • ED 7022: Policies and Practices in Leadership
  • IL 7001: Leader as Advocate and Decision Maker
  • ED 7030: Development of Organizational Leadership
  • EDL 8030: Educational Leadership Theory
  • EDR 8201: Statistics I
  • EDR 8202: Statistics II
  • Students choose one:
    • EDR 8204: Advanced Qualitative Design and Measurement
    • EDR 8205: Advanced Quantitative Design and Measurement

Doctoral Comprehensive Examination (3 credits)

  • CMP 9700E: Doctoral Comprehensive Assessment: Pre-Candidacy Prospectus

Dissertation Requirements (12 credits)

  • DIS 9901A: Components of the Dissertation
  • DIS 9902A: The Dissertation Proposal
  • DIS 9903A: Institutional Review Board (IRB) and Data Collection
  • DIS 9904A: The Dissertation Manuscript and Defense

Post Graduation Opportunities

Career Paths:

After earning this Northcentral University degree, graduates could be able to seek careers with K-12 public, private, or charter schools. Prospects could also be available with local, state, or national departments, community education organizations, or postsecondary institutions. With doctoral-level training, graduates could undertake tasks in program evaluation, policy development, staff development, scholarly research, or instruction.

With a Ph.D. in Educational Leadership degree, graduates could be able to apply for positions as:

  • School headmaster
  • Regional public school official
  • Educational administration professor

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