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Career Diploma: Basic Electronics

Penn Foster Career School's Basic Electronics Career Diploma Program is designed to give students the training needed to be electronics repair technicians. Read more about this program here.

Official Program Name:

Electronics Basic

School Offering Program:

Penn Foster Career School

Program Level:

Career Diploma

Program Description:

Penn Foster Career School's Basic Electronics Career Diploma Program is intended to teach students about electronics, the nature of electricity, transistors, diodes, types of electronic circuits, conductors, insulators, batteries, magnetism, electromagnetism, and fiber optic and optoelectronic components. Students are also given the opportunity to learn how to use tools of the trade. The Basic Electronics Career Diploma Program is designed to be completed in as few as ten months, although students can take longer if they need to. Those who complete this program may be able to take the Electronics Technicians Association Certification Exam. To enroll in the Electronics Program, students must already have their high school diploma or GED.

Program Materials Supplied by Penn Foster Career School:

Students in the Basic Electronics Career Diploma Program at Penn Foster Career School are provided with the books, lessons, equipment, and learning aids needed to complete the program. They are also provided with the tools, kits, and practical exercises used for hands-on learning.

Learning Format:


Financial Aid:

Penn Foster offers low tuition, 0% APR financing, and affordable monthly payments to be completed upon graduation.

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Required Courses for a Basic Electronics Career Diploma:

Program and course requirements are subject to change. Contact Penn Foster Career School to confirm the most accurate information before enrolling in a program.

  • Instruction Set 1
    • Learning Strategies
    • Introduction to Electronics
  • Instruction Set 2
    • Nature of Electricity
    • Practical Exercise 1
  • Instruction Set 3
    • Conductors, Insulators, and Batteries
    • Circuit Analysis and Ohm's Law
    • Multimeter Usage Manual
    • Practical Exercise 2
  • Instruction Set 4
    • Basic Measuring Instruments
    • Electronic Hardware
    • Switching Devices
    • Practical Exercise 3
  • Instruction Set 5
    • Magnetism and Electromagnetism
    • Capacitors and Inductors
    • Basic Semiconductor Components: Diodes
    • Basic Semiconductor Components: Transistors
    • Practical Exercise 4
  • Instruction Set 6
    • Alternating Current
    • Capacitors in AC Circuits
    • Inductors in AC Circuits
    • Transformers
    • Practical Exercise 5
  • Instruction Set 7
    • Reactance and Impedance
    • Resonant Circuits
    • Application of Resonant Circuits
    • Practical Exercise 6
  • Instruction Set 8
    • Rectifiers and Power Supplies
    • Amplifiers
    • Oscillators
    • Fiber Optic and Optoelectronic Components
    • Practical Exercise 7
  • Instruction Set 9
    • Electronic Sensors
    • Modulation and Detection Circuits
    • Electronic Devices and Amplifiers
    • Using Basic Oscilloscopes
    • Practical Exercise 8
  • Instruction Set 10
    • Audio and RF Circuits
    • Oscillator and Feedback Waveforms
    • Electronic Power Supplies
    • Practical Exercise 9

Post-Graduation Opportunities

Furthering Your Education:

Students who complete the Basic Electronics Career Diploma Program at Penn Foster Career School may be interested in continuing their studies by pursuing an associate degree in the electronic technology or engineering fields. Along with possibly increasing their knowledge of electronics, they may be able to pursue higher positions in the electronics technology field.

Associate degree options include (but are not limited to):

  • Associate in Electronics and Computer Technology
  • Associate in Applied Science in Electronic Engineering
  • Associate in Science in Electronics Engineering Technology
  • Associate of Science in Electronics Technology

Career Paths:

Graduates of Penn Foster Career School's Basic Electronics Career Diploma Program might be able to pursue a variety of careers in the electronics repair technician field. They may also be able to start their own electronics repair business.

Entry-level positions that graduates may be interested in pursuing include:

  • Instrumentation technician
  • Broadcast engineer
  • Electronics repair specialist
  • Computer manufacturing technician

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