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AS in Legal Studies

Those seeking to begin a career in legal research or assisting lawyers could gain an understanding of various laws and legal procedures when they study in Post University Online's Associate of Science in Legal Studies program. Learn more about this online associate's degree program here.

Official Program Name:

Associate of Science in Legal Studies

School Offering Program:

Post University Online

Degree Level:


Program Prerequisites:

Applicants to this Post University's Associate of Science in Legal Studies program must:

  • Have a high school diploma or GED
  • Complete at least 16 college preparatory program credits

Program Description:

Post University Online's Associate of Science in Legal Studies program is designed to provide students with a diverse liberal arts education while offering introductory and fundamental courses covering various aspects and processes of the American legal system. Core courses in the major area of study address court systems, state and federal laws, legal research methods and resources, legal practices in business, and procedures for probating wills, handling real estate transactions, and preparing for civil cases. Students can also choose between an internship, where they will gain practical experience working in a law office, or taking courses designed to teach them legal writing techniques and professional ethics. Other coursework helps students develop communication, computer, organizational, and problem solving skills.

Learning Format:


Financial Aid:

Students could be able to qualify for financial aid in the form of grants and loans. Contact Post University Online's Office of Student Finance for more information.

Tuition, Financial Aid & Start Dates

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Required Courses for an Associate of Science in Legal Studies:

Program and course requirements are subject to change. Contact Post University Online to confirm the most accurate information before enrolling in a program.

General Education Core (30 credits)

Common Core

  • ENG 110: College Writing (3 credits)
  • ENG 120: College Writing II (3 credits)
  • COM 107: Intro to Communications (3 credits)
  • CIS 112: Introduction to Computing (3 credits)

Liberal Arts

  • Students select two electives (6 credits)


  • Students select 1 elective (3 credits)


  • MAT 105: Quantitative Methods OR MAT 120: College Algebra (3 credits)

Leadership Course

  • LCS 105: Elements of Organizations (3 credits)

Career and Self-Awareness Courses

  • CSS 101: Learning Across the Lifespan (3 credits)

Major, Core and Concentrations

  • LAW 101: Introduction to Law (3 credits)
  • LAW 105: Estate Administration and Probate Practice (3 credits)
  • LAW 201: Real Estate Law and Practice (3 credits)
  • LAW 203: Civil Litigation Practice (3 credits)
  • LAW 205: Legal Research (3 credits)
  • BUS 204: Business Law I (3 credits)
  • BUS 205: Business Law II (3 credits)
  • LAW 460: Legal Studies Internship OR LAW 425: Legal Writing AND LAW 440: Legal Ethics (6 credits)
  • Select two 200-level or higher electives (6 credits)

Post Graduation Opportunities

Furthering Your Education:

Graduates could further develop their administrative skills and their understanding of legal processes and procedures by enrolling in a four-year degree program after earning Post University Online's Associate of Science degree in Legal Studies. In some cases, a four-year degree might be required to begin working in this field or for career advancement purposes.

Bachelor's degree options for graduates include but are not limited to:

  • Bachelor of Science in Legal Studies
  • Bachelor of Science in Paralegal Studies
  • Bachelor of Business Administration with a concentration in Legal Studies

Career Paths:

Following completion of Post University Online's Associate of Science in Legal Studies, graduates could seek entry-level positions in a variety of professional settings. They might work in legal firms, government offices, or corporate legal departments as paralegals or legal assistants. They might also be eligible to work as court clerks.