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Autism Spectrum Disorders Postbaccalaureate Certificate

The Autism Spectrum Disorders Postbaccalaureate Certificate helps provide educators with the knowledge necessary to best teach and help students on the autism spectrum. Learn more about this Purdue University Global certificate program's requirements and how it can help its graduates work better with autistic children.

Official Program Name:

Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASDs) Postbaccalaureate Certificate

School Offering Program:

Purdue University Global

Degree Level:

Postbaccalaureate Certificate

Program Prerequisites:

This postbaccalaureate certificate program is geared toward current teachers and educators of children up to age 8 who want to develop their skills in working with students on the autism spectrum. Applicants to Purdue University Global should have a high school diploma or the equivalent; some programs may have additional admissions requirements.

Program Description:

The Autism Spectrum Disorders Postbaccalaureate Certificate program deepens its students' knowledge of characteristics of the disorder in children. Graduates of this program should be able to work with autistic children and their families to promote an inclusive learning environment adapted to any specific needs as necessary. The courses will explain teaching strategies, techniques for approaching potential behavioral issues, and will thoroughly detail how children affected by this disorder develop intellectually, socially, and linguistically. No internships are required for this four course program.

Learning Format:


Program Length:

24 credits.

Financial Aid Available:

Eligible students could be able to receive financial aid in the forms of grants, loans, and scholarships. Contact Purdue University Global's financial aid office for more information.

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Required Courses for the Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASDs) Postbaccalaureate Certificate

This program consists of six-hour courses, totaling 24 credits. Degree program and course requirements are subject to change. Contact Purdue University Global to confirm the most accurate information before enrolling in a program.

Major Requirements (24 credits)

  • Introduction to Autism Spectrum Disorders in Young Children
  • Language and Social Skill Development for Young Children With Autism
  • Teaching Young Children With Autism
  • Behavior Intervention and Strategies for Working With Young Children With Autism

Post-Graduation Opportunities

Career Paths:

Those who complete the Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) Postbaccalaureate Certificate program will have a deeper understanding of how to ensure children on the autism spectrum are afforded every opportunity throughout their education. This certificate program gives its students knowledge they can apply in their careers to modify their classrooms or teaching techniques to best accommodate all students.

This certificate can help people in careers including:

  • Special education teacher
  • Early intervention specialist
  • Physical therapist
  • School psychologist
  • Early childhood teacher

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