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BS in Marketing

Students enrolled in Southern New Hampshire University's Bachelor of Science in Marketing program have the opportunity to study consumer behavior, marketing research, and other relevant topics. Read on to learn more about the Bachelor of Science in Marketing program.

Official Program Name:

Bachelor of Science in Marketing

School Offering Program:

Southern New Hampshire University

Program Prerequisites:

Applicants to Southern New Hampshire University's Bachelor of Science in Marketing program should have strong communication and creative skills. All applicants to Southern New Hampshire University programs must have earned a high school diploma or equivalent.

Program Description:

Southern New Hampshire University's Bachelor of Science in Marketing program is divided into business core classes, marketing major courses, and electives. Students benefit from the marketing courses, which are strategic marketing planning, consumer behavior, and marketing research. Students also have the opportunity to choose seven elective classes. Some possible electives include direct marketing, retail sales promotion, brand communications, advertising media planning, and international retailing.

Learning Format:


Financial Aid Available:

Federal financial aid is available to those who qualify in the forms of loans and grants. Contact the SNHU Financial Aid office to learn more about your financial aid options.

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Required Courses for a Bachelor of Science in Marketing:

Business Core Courses

  • ACC 201: Financial Accounting
  • ACC 202: Managerial Accounting
  • BUS 206: Business Law I
  • FIN 320: Principles of Finance
  • IT 210: Business Systems Analysis and Design
  • MKT 113: Introduction to Marketing
  • OL 125: Human Relations in Administration
  • OL 421: Strategic Management and Policing

Marketing Major Courses

  • MKT 337: Marketing Research
  • MKT 345: Consumer Behavior
  • MKT 432: Strategic Marketing Planning


  • Choose any seven of the following:
    • MKT 222: Principles of Retailing
    • MKT 229: Principles of Integrated Marketing Communications
    • MKT 230: Retail Sales Promotion
    • MKT 266: Services Marketing
    • MKT 270: Professional Selling
    • MKT 320: Sales Management
    • MKT 322: International Retailing
    • MKT 350: Ethical Issues in Marketing
    • MKT 360: Direct Marketing
    • MKT 378: Brand Communications
    • MKT 442: Retail Management
    • ADV 263: Advertising Copy and Design
    • ADV 340: Advertising Media Planning
    • QSO 330: Introduction to Supply Chain Management

Graduation Requirement

  • SNHU 101: First Year Seminar: Foundations in Critical Thinking OR SNHU 100: Pro Seminar

Post-Graduation Opportunities:

Furthering Your Education:

Students who have completed the Bachelor of Science in Marketing program at Southern New Hampshire University have an opportunity to pursue a master's degree in the field. A master's degree in business with a specialization in marketing may include courses such as marketing research and consumer behavior. Some degree programs may include:

  • Master of Business Administration (Marketing)
  • Master of Science in Integrated Marketing
  • Master of Marketing Research

Career Paths:

After completing the Bachelor of Science in Marketing program at Southern New Hampshire University, students could be able to pursue jobs in the field. Some possible employers may include advertising firms, public relations agencies, businesses and corporations with in-house marketing departments, and advertising agencies. Job candidates should have strong creative ability and an ability to communicate effectively. Some possible jobs could include:

  • Marketing Manager
  • Marketing Research Associate
  • Public Relations Specialist
  • Copywriter

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