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M.Ed. - Technology in Education Concentration

Strayer University's Master of Education with a Concentration in Technology in Education program is intended to provide learners with knowledge of instructional policies and practices as well as training in new educational media. Continue reading for more information about this online degree program.

Official Program Name:

Master of Education with a Concentration in Technology in Education

School Offering Program:

Strayer University

Degree Level:


Program Prerequisites:

Individuals who apply to this program may be practicing teachers or related education professionals. They may have strong computer skills and overall technical savvy. Applicants to Strayer University should have already earned a high school diploma or equivalent; however, graduate or specialized programs may have additional requirements.

Program Description:

The Master of Education with a Concentration in Technology in Education program is designed to provide participants with knowledge of individual learning needs and instructional evaluation methods. Students have the chance to examine foundations and trends in education. They also have the opportunity to explore general business concepts and the role of computers and modern technologies in organizational settings. The concentration area is designed to provide participants with an overview for how to develop and assess remote instructional aids and computerized tools that assist educators and training professionals. Before completing this program, students will have the chance to take part in a supervised research experience in which they will develop an original argument and offer a verbal defense.

Learning Format:

Online and Campus-Based

Total Credits Required:

54 credits

Financial Aid:

Students enrolled in Strayer University may be eligible for federal grants and loans, employer tuition assistance, military benefits, state grants, institutional scholarships, and private loans.

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Required Courses for a Master of Education with a Concentration in Technology in Education:

Degree program and course requirements are subject to change. Contact Strayer University to confirm the most accurate information before enrolling in a program.

Area I - Core Component (40.5 credits)

  • BUS 520: Leadership and Organizational Behavior
  • CIS 500: Information Systems for Decision-Making
  • EDU 500: Adult Learning Theory
  • EDU 505: Contemporary Issues in Education
  • EDU 510: Educational Assessment
  • EDU 515: Designing Mandated and Discretionary Curricula
  • EDU 520: Education and the Law
  • EDU 590: Directed Research Project
  • RES 531: Research Methods

Area II - Concentration Component (13.5 credits)

  • EDU 540: Designing, Developing, and Evaluating Educational Technologies
  • EDU 542: Integrating Technology into Education
  • EDU 544: Transforming Education with New Technologies

Post-Graduation Opportunities

Career Paths:

The Master of Education with a Concentration in Technology in Education program is designed to help provide participants with foundational knowledge of teaching methods, with a focus on contemporary learning approaches. Graduates could go on to pursue opportunities in public or private sectors - in schools, medical centers, nonprofit agencies, community centers, and private businesses.

Positions that graduates could pursue include:

  • Educational Sales Consultant
  • Corporate Personnel Trainer
  • Learning Technologies Support Specialist

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