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BS in Mobile Development (Campus)

Full Sail University's Bachelor of Science in Mobile Development program is designed to help students learn about mobile application development and implementation processes for all types of devices. Read on for more details about this campus-based BS degree program.

Official Program Name:

Bachelor of Science in Mobile Development

School Offering Program:

Full Sail University

Degree Level:


Program Prerequisites:

Prospective students of this bachelor's degree program might have taken previous coursework in computer science or software development and should have an understanding of basic computer applications. Strong technical and analytical skills and an eye for detail are important for these students. Applicants to Full Sail University should have a high school diploma or equivalent; some programs may have additional requirements.

Program Description:

From database structures to usability standards, the Bachelor of Science in Mobile Development program at Full Sail University gives students the opportunity to examine mobile development processes from determining industry needs to producing application software plans. Major courses provide overviews of interface design patterns, Java and Apple programming languages, deployment of mobile applications, integrative frameworks, and mobile application standards. Programming logic, visual constructs, and mobile application marketing strategies might also be discussed. Other courses are taken in discrete mathematics, statistics, and database structures. This campus-based program is designed to be completed in 20 months.

Learning Format:

On campus

Program Length:

120 credits.

Financial Aid Available:

Eligible students could be able to receive financial aid in the forms of grants, loans, and scholarships. Contact Full Sail University's financial aid office for more information.

Tuition, Financial Aid & Start Dates

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Required Courses for a Bachelor of Science in Mobile Development:

The curriculum of this 120-credit program contains 25 courses, seven project and portfolio classes, and seven career modules. Degree program and course requirements are subject to change. Contact Full Sail University to confirm the most accurate information before enrolling in a program.

Mobile Development Major Courses (120 credits)

  • Creative Presentation
  • Psychology of Play
  • Technology in the Entertainment and Media Industries
  • English Composition I
  • Discrete Mathematics
  • Scalable Data Infrastructures
  • Art History
  • Emerging Interface Design
  • Database Structures
  • Project and Portfolio I: Development
  • Career Module I: Personal Branding
  • Advanced Scalable Data Infrastructures
  • Interfaces and Usability
  • Project and Portfolio II: Mobile Development
  • Career Module II: Career Research
  • Visual Frameworks
  • Fundamentals of Physical Science
  • Project and Portfolio III: Mobile Development
  • Career Module III: Resume Fundamentals
  • Apple Programming Language
  • Mobile Development Frameworks I
  • Mobile User Experience
  • Mobile Development Frameworks II
  • Statistics
  • Project and Portfolio IV: Mobile Development
  • Career Module IV: Career Strategy and Planning
  • Java I
  • Advanced Interface Design
  • Java II
  • Project and Portfolio V: Mobile Development
  • Career Module V: Networking
  • Mobile Development Frameworks III
  • Leadership and Organizational Behavior
  • Project and Portfolio VI: Mobile Development
  • Career Module VI: Resume Writing
  • Integrated Product Development
  • Integrated Product Deployment
  • Project and Portfolio VII: Mobile Development
  • Career Module VII: Job Interview

Post-Graduation Opportunities

Furthering Your Education:

Graduates could increase their technical skills and knowledge for possible career advancement purposes by pursuing a master's degree after completing the BS in Mobile Development program. A master's degree program might focus on advanced areas of website design, web scripting, and usability design as well as the development of managerial and leadership skills typically needed for executive-level positions in many companies.

Master's degrees graduates might be prepared to pursue include the following:

  • Master of Science in Software Development
  • Master of Science in Mobile Application Development
  • Master of Science in Computer Science - Mobile Application Development

Career Paths:

After earning the Bachelor of Science degree in Mobile Development from Full Sail University, graduates might have developed the skills needed to work in game manufacturing companies, software engineering firms, corporate IT departments, or telecommunications companies. They might be responsible for designing visuals for mobile applications, programming mobile operating systems, develop application software, or research user experience.

Jobs that might be a good fit for these graduates include:

  • Web developer
  • Software tester
  • Mobile application architect
  • Cloud application developer
  • Software application developer

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