Penn Foster High School

High School Diploma: Culinary Arts Professional Pathway

Students who wish to take the first steps towards a career in the culinary arts while earning their high school diploma may want to consider the High School Diploma with a career pathway in Culinary Arts Professional Program at Penn Foster High School. Discover more about this self-paced, online high school diploma program here.

Official Program Name:

High School Diploma with a career pathway in Culinary Arts Professional

School Offering Program:

Penn Foster High School

Program Level:

High School Diploma

Program Description:

Prospective students of Penn Foster High School's High School Diploma with a career pathway in Culinary Arts Professional may be looking for a way to increase their culinary knowledge and gourmet cooking skills while earning their high school diploma. This program is designed to help students complete the general education courses required for a high school diploma, such as English, history, math, and science, through self-paced instruction sets that can be completed entirely online. Then culinary arts pathway students are introduced to topics like kitchen layouts, food presentation, and specialty cooking techniques. As the program progresses, students can learn how to caramelize onions, make soups and stocks, seer beef, and cook chicken and shellfish. These elective courses are transferable to the Penn Foster Career School Caterer Career Diploma program.

Program Materials Supplied by Penn Foster High School (dependent upon program):

In addition to instructional support, Penn Foster High School provides students in the High School Diploma with a Culinary Arts Career Pathway Program with books, lessons, and study guides.

Learning Format:


Financial Aid:

Penn Foster offers low tuition, 0% interest, and affordable monthly payments to be completed upon graduation.

Tuition, Financial Aid & Start Dates

Since every student is different, there isn't a "one size fits all" for school information. Start dates and tuition often vary between selected programs, and financial aid opportunities are unique to each student's circumstances. to get the most up-to-date and accurate information based on your selected program and circumstances.

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Required Courses for a High School Diploma with a Career Pathway in Culinary Arts Professional Program:

Program and course requirements are subject to change. Contact Penn Foster High School to confirm the most accurate information before enrolling in a program.

  • Instruction Set 1
    • Orientation
  • Instruction Set 2
    • Human Relations
  • Instruction Set 3
    • Reading Skills
  • Instruction Set 4
    • Basic English
  • Instruction Set 5
    • Practical English
  • Instruction Set 6
    • Written Communication
  • Instruction Set 7
    • Literature
  • Instruction Set 8
    • General Math
  • Instruction Set 9
    • Consumer Math
  • Instruction Set 10
    • General Math 2
  • Instruction Set 11
    • Earth Science
  • Instruction Set 12
    • Biology
  • Instruction Set 13
    • Physical Science
  • Instruction Set 14
    • American History
  • Instruction Set 15
    • Civics
  • Instruction Set 16
    • World Geography
  • Instruction Set 17
    • Fitness and Nutrition
  • Electives for the High School Diploma with a Culinary Arts Professional Concentration
    • Gourmet Cooking 1
    • Gourmet Cooking 2
    • Gourmet Cooking 3
    • Gourmet Cooking 4
    • Gourmet Cooking 5

Post-Graduation Opportunities

Furthering Your Education:

The High School Diploma with a career pathway in Culinary Arts Professional Program could prepare students to continue their education through related associate degree or diploma programs*. Some employers might require postsecondary training for certain food preparation and cooking positions. An associate degree program can also offer students the opportunity to learn advanced or specialty cooking techniques. Some of the programs graduates could consider include:

  • Associate of Applied Science in Culinary Arts
  • Associate of Applied Science in Baking and Pastry Arts
  • Associate of Science in Cooking Technology

* If you are planning to continue your education with another school after you complete coursework with Penn Foster High School, you should check with that school regarding credit transfer policies.

Career Paths:

Students who complete Penn Foster High School's High School Diploma with a Culinary Arts Professional Career Pathway might be prepared to seek entry-level employment in the culinary industry. They could consider positions in restaurants, private homes, hotels, and other foodservice establishments where their work includes food prep, assisting chefs and head cooks, or basic cooking. Positions graduates could pursue include:

  • Kitchen helper
  • Line cook
  • Food preparation worker
  • Assistant cook