Property Maintenance Class and Course Descriptions

Students who want to work in the repair and care of residential and commercial properties might consider earning a certificate or degree in property maintenance. If you are interested in the program, check out this article to see what kinds of subjects you can study.

Essential Information

Property maintenance classes are available as part of several degree and certificate programs in the construction trades. These classes are typically available at community colleges and technical schools, and students can usually enroll in them without committing to a full certificate or degree program. Courses in property maintenance often focus on landscaping, appliance repair, electrical and plumbing installation, and property management laws. Though a degree is not required, some formal training on common repairs and safety issues related to residential and commercial properties is essential for those seeking entry into this field. Topics explored in each class might include:

  • Property laws
  • Garbage disposals
  • Meter reading
  • Waste piping
  • Pipe installation
  • Flat and semi-gloss paint
  • Lighting fixtures

List of Courses

Property Maintenance Course

Students learn how to complete construction, repair and maintenance safely and with the proper tools. Students receive a basic introduction to tools, terminology and property managerial laws, such as sexual harassment and fair housing regulations. Students wishing to specialize in residential property maintenance learn about material safety data sheets. This course can be taken as one course or as a series of beginner, intermediate and advanced courses. It should be one of the first classes taken in order to act as a base for additional studies.

Appliance Maintenance Course

The maintenance and repair of refrigerators, washers, dishwashers, gas and electric stoves, dryers, range hoods, and garbage disposals are all covered in this hands-on course. Students study parts and terminology and focus on repair safety. Throughout the course students learn how to troubleshoot and repair appliances and their individual components. Maintenance of appliances and HVAC terminology and repair may also be covered.

Electrical Repair Course

Students learn how to safely install and repair switches, outlets, thermostats, lighting fixtures and other electrical repairs safely. A study of electrical currents and circuits provides students with a better understanding of electrical safety. Students study meter reading and the replacement of lighting fixtures.

Plumbing Installation and Repair Course

Students can focus on a basic approach to plumbing or an advanced look into installation and repair. Students who look at the basic repair learn the fundamental terminology, tools and components of plumbing. Students learn how to dislodge items from toilets and drains, while also learning to repair toilets, faucets and hot water tanks. Advanced students focus on plumbing codes and permits, sump pumps, vent systems and waste piping. Students in an advanced class are more likely to study the installation of pipes along with repair. This course is a necessity in property repair and is best taken near the end of a program.

Drywall and Painting Course

Some programs combine these courses while others separate them into two separate classes. Many of the same techniques are used in the repair of drywall or in painting, such as patching holes in drywall and ceilings and touch up painting. Students learn different texture applications for both drywall and painting. Students focus on tools and techniques that provide a professional looking job in an apartment. Students learn how to hang drywall, tape joints and finish drywall. Students also learn how to use different types of paint, such as flat or semi-gloss in different areas of the house to promote healthier walls and improved aesthetics. Students learn painting techniques for fixing scuff marks and sealing basement walls. Students should take this course near the end of their program.

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