Pyrotechnic Courses and Classes Overview

Training to learn pyrotechnics primarily occurs on a personal enrichment basis, but there are graduate degree programs in explosives engineering. Continue reading to find out where you can find these classes.

Essential Information

Pyrotechnic courses are often associated with required safety classes for commercial fireworks display licensure. Some fireworks manufacturers also offer internships that may include pyrotechnics training. In addition, there are pyrotechnic courses offered at the graduate level for those specializing in explosives engineering. Training courses for individuals seeking a career in pyrotechnics are often offered by pyrotechnic companies, fire marshal offices, or community colleges.

In these courses, students learn about the following:

  • Commercial fireworks
  • Explosives
  • Other pyrotechnic devices
  • Safety procedures
  • Pyrotechnic chemistry

List of Pyrotechnic Courses

Commercial Pyrotechnics

These courses introduce participants to the technical, musical, and performance aspects of fireworks displays with commercial fireworks demonstrations. Other topics include legal requirements for purchasing and storing fireworks, safety practices, show scripting, choosing the appropriate sites, explosives firing systems, choreographing the show, and handling public relations.

Pyrotechnics Chemistry

There may be some prerequisites to get into this course, such as a basic knowledge of chemistry. Taking this class will give students the chance to increase their understanding about the chemical properties involved in general pyrotechnics, explosives, and propellants. Instructors may address how understanding the chemical processes can help pyrotechnics specialists build and create devices with specific effects. Students will participate in laboratory exercises where they can use their knowledge of chemistry to design pyrotechnics.

Explosives Engineering Fundamentals

As a graduate level course, there are prerequisites to getting into this class. Those accepted into the class will examine such topics as shockwave theory, decomposition reactions, demolition, detonation theory, blast effects, and the properties of explosives. This information will be applied to the more industrial uses of pyrotechnics and explosives.

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