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Undergraduate and graduate engineering degrees and certificates are offered in the field of quality management to prepare students for careers overseeing quality assurance applications. Learn about degree levels, courses and careers for the field.

Essential Information

There are several levels of education in quality management engineering. A Bachelor's Degree in Quality Assurance Science and Bachelor of Manufacturing Management in Quality Management are two undergraduate programs to consider. A Certificate in Quality Management or Six Sigma Black Belt Certificate are two different kinds of certificate students can earn. At the graduate level, a Master of Engineering Management is available.

Each level of study in quality management is designed to help students build analytical and management skills. Students will learn about quality systems, auditing, regulations, standards and methodologies. A strong background in mathematics, statistics and science is recommended for entry into these programs. Some programs resulting in a Master of Engineering Management can be taken online. Students who complete these undergraduate and graduate programs may be prepared for certification through the American Society for Quality.

Enrollmentl in a bachelor's program requires a GED or high school diploma and a strong background in math. Certificate programs and master's degrees require a bachelor's degree or higher.

Bachelor's Degree in Quality Assurance Science

A bachelor's degree in quality assurance science prepares students to design, implement and manage effective quality assurance programs. These programs must meet the guidelines set forth by the American Society for Quality (ASQ) in order to properly prepare students for ASQ certification examinations. Bachelor's degree programs in quality assurance science contain a variety of physics, mathematics, statistics and financial classes.

Students enrolled in this program can expect to take classes in the following subjects:

  • Statistical process control
  • Quality assurance economics, management and control
  • Problem solving in quality management
  • Quality auditing and management engineering
  • Customer relations
  • Quantitative analysis in quality management engineering

Bachelor of Manufacturing Management in Quality Management

A Bachelor of Manufacturing Management in Quality Management degree combines courses in quality management engineering qualifications with the study of manufacturing principles. Graduates will be able to perform material sampling and inspection operations, and will understand business operations with regard to regulatory authorities and to effectively communicate with both customers and suppliers. Students will learn the importance of safety and maintenance regulations. They will also learn to efficiently manage a company's budget without compromising the quality of the company's products and relationships.

A typical curriculum for this program consists of the following subjects:

  • Compliance and regulations in quality management engineering
  • Engineering principles in quality management
  • Quality management systems
  • Product quality and development
  • Supply chain management for quality managers
  • Logistics in quality control

Certificate in Quality Management

A graduate certificate in quality management is designed for engineering professionals, scientists and individuals in other technology careers who want to implement quality improvement projects. Students in quality management certificate programs learn to apply statistical and quality improvement techniques, supervise quality improvement and management teams, and initiate supply chain improvements. Quality management certificate programs concentrate heavily on financial accounting procedures and statistical measurement.

A typical graduate certificate in quality management contains classes in such subjects as:

  • Statistics and probability in quality management
  • Quality engineering practices
  • Quality management principles
  • Quality assurance applications
  • Six sigma techniques

Six Sigma Black Belt Certificate Program

Six Sigma Black Belt Certificate programs prepare students to apply continuous improvement and quality management principles to business operations. Students learn to track quality improvement and to understand the importance of global competition. Statistical concepts, critical-to-quality (CTQ) methods and effective communication techniques are also explored. There are no educational prerequisites for a Six Sigma Black Belt Certificate program. However, a rich mathematics and science background is recommended.

This certificate program includes the following areas of study:

  • Repeatability and reproducibility in quality management
  • Quality function deployment
  • Team processes for quality assurance
  • Customer and supplier relations in quality management
  • Quality improvement methods
  • Global quality standards

Master of Engineering Management

The Master of Engineering Management program is designed for aspiring technology leaders. They learn the concepts required to manage and organize businesses on a large scale. Quality management engineering master's degree programs are research intensive and draw heavily on management and financial techniques.

Students enrolled in this degree program typically take advanced classes in the following areas:

  • Quality management theory and practice
  • Quality production and management systems development
  • ISO quality systems
  • Process control and capability in relation to quality assurance
  • Quality managerial finance
  • Quantitative analysis and metrology

Popular Career Options

All of the various degrees prepare students for work in quality management at different levels. Some of typical job titles include:

  • Quality assurance director, auditor, systems engineer or analyst
  • Quality management engineer
  • Manufacturing supervisor
  • Lean manufacturing manager
  • Quality assurance liaison
  • Quality control team leader

Students in all levels of quality management engineering learn to oversee quality assurance applications, such as productivity, product quality, lean manufacturing, and continuous improvement. At all levels, graduates have a diverse amount of career opportunities to look forward to.

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