Reflexology PhD Program Information with Requirements

Reflexology is a type of alternative medicine that is also called zone therapy. A Ph.D. program in reflexology is not available. Most people interested in reflexology complete a certificate program found at accredited community or technical colleges.

Essential Information

There are a wide variety of certificate programs for reflexology. Most programs teach students how to find pressure points, which are specific parts of the feet, hands, ears, and face, and how to message or pressure them and what portions of the body are expected to benefit from the treatment. Reflexology techniques may also be taught in massage therapy programs. Prerequisites only include a high school diploma or GED.

Certificate Program in Reflexology

Coursework in reflexology certification programs always includes basic and advanced courses in hand and foot reflexology. Other courses that may be included are:

  • Medical terminology
  • Anatomy and physiology
  • Kinesiology
  • Pathology
  • Lifespan psychology
  • Business basics

Popular Career Options

Reflexology has only one career option: reflexologist. However, there are different settings in which the art may be practiced.

  • Reflexology businesses
  • Chiropractic offices
  • Naturopathic offices
  • Health spas
  • Massage offices

Continuing Education Information

Although certificates are given upon completion of a reflexology program, they may not provide enough credentials for graduates to become reflexology practitioners. States have varying requirements and may require reflexologists to be licensed as massage therapists or registered as reflexologists. Before beginning a practice in reflexology, individuals should find out the requirements of the state that they are going to practice in. National certification is available from the American Reflexology Certification Board.

Reflexologists interested in expanding their skill set can pursue a degree in massage therapy. They can also look for diplomas, certificates, or degrees in other alternative therapies, such as Chinese medicine, yoga, or chiropractic manipulation.

Reflexology doctorates do not exist, but many certificate programs are available for those wishing to learn. While some graduates may be able to find work with only a certificate, some states will require licensure to practice, and others may go on to pursue a related degree or other learning opportunity to improve and expand their skillset.

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