Best Online Colleges & Schools in Georgia (GA)

This list of the best online schools and colleges in Georgia (GA) will help residents of the state find the best online university for them.

To come up with this definitive list of the best online colleges and schools in Georgia, examined all the schools in the state extensively. Our final ranking list was made using vital data such as information from the Department of Education like tuition, graduation rate, and student retention rate. Other factors such as the range of online programs that the schools offered, special program features, and overall learning experience were also taken into consideration.'s rankings are unique in that they emphasize accessibility, affordability, and quality of education, which we considered the most important attributes in our school rankings. If you're considering enrolling in an undergraduate or graduate-level online degree program, any one of these Georgia-based schools are a great option.

1. Georgia College & State University

Georgia College & State University in Milledgeville considers itself Georgia's premier liberal arts education institution, where students can not only get an education but also use the facts they've learned to make their own decisions. The school offers a wide range of online and hybrid graduate degree programs in the arts, sciences, business, and education such as a Master of Science in Criminal Justice, Master of Education in Educational Leadership and Master of Science in Health and Human Performance. Some of the graduate programs that are offered by Georgia College are specifically accredited by relevant organizations, and as such work well for career advancement.

2. Brenau University

With campuses in Augusta, Gainesville, Jacksonville, North Atlanta and South Atlanta, Brenau University describes its students' education experience as extraordinary. The university has aimed to consistently build its offerings of online degree programs and now has 40 of them. While the classes in the online programs are mainly self-paced, students also have the option of interacting with lecturers and other students in scheduled virtual sessions. The programs available span undergraduate and graduate degree programs as well as some graduate certificate programs and include a Bachelor of Science in Psychology, MBA in Management, and a Doctorate of Education in Elementary Education.

3. Georgia Southern University

Based on the range of programs this school offers, Georgia Southern University declares that students will have a comprehensive education online as well as at any of its three campuses in Statesboro, Hinesville and Savannah. Of the 141 undergraduate and graduate programs that are offered by Georgia Southern University, over 50 of them are offered through online or hybrid learning formats. The programs cover a number of topics in technology, business, education, and healthcare such as a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology, Master of Accounting, Master of Education in Special Education, and Certificate in Public Health. The school also has special tuition and experience credit benefits for veterans, active members of the military as well as their families.

4. Kennesaw State University

Kennesaw State University, which has campuses in Marietta and Kennesaw, prides itself on having a diverse and inclusive learning environment, going so far as to offer courses that are specific to diversity and inclusion. Its online offerings span undergraduate, graduate, certificate, and professional level programs. Students can also take single courses at an undergraduate or graduate level that can be used to supplement their current course of study. When thinking of a course of study, students can choose from programs like a Bachelor of Science in Cybersecurity, Master of Science in Systems Engineering, Master of Science in Engineering, and professional programs in paralegal studies.

5. Valdosta State University

Taking its name from its city of residence, Valdosta State University expects its lecturers to not only teach but also mentor its students. When it comes to online programs, future students have over 60 different subject areas from which to choose. These programs are mainly undergraduate and graduate in nature but there are a few certificates and endorsements that include Bachelor and Master of Science in Criminal Justice as well as a Master of Education in Health and Physical Education. Valdosta State University offers a unique SmartPath Core which guides students on the quickest route to a quick completion of their chosen program.

6. Albany State University

Located in its namesake town, Albany State University is so committed to providing learning flexibility in its programs, it's listed in the school's guiding principles. Its online options cover undergraduate, graduate, and certificate programs with varied areas of focus such as the Associate of Science in Medical Laboratory Technology, a Master of Nursing, and an Associate of Arts in Foreign Language. Albany State University provides a number of resources for its online students such as online ordering of textbooks that can be delivered within three days. Students can also consult with support specialists on the phone or via webcam and the school's online tutoring system is available 24/7 for free.

7. University of West Georgia

The number seven school on our list, University of West Georgia, has campuses in Carollton as well as Newnan and is constantly challenging itself to encourage its students' growth. To keep the school in line with this objective, it offers more than 30 online programs in five different categories: undergraduate, master's, doctorate, certificate, certification, and endorsement. A few of the programs the school has available include a Bachelor of Science in Criminology, Master of Science in Sport Management and Doctor of Education in Nursing Education. Online courses from the University of West Georgia are also open to high school students who want to earn college credit.

8. University of Georgia

At well over 200 years old, the University of Georgia in Athens is where the state's relationship with public higher education began. The online programs that the school offers are mainly at the graduate degree and graduate certificate levels but there are a few undergraduate programs available. There are also a number of online undergraduate and graduate courses in subject areas such as microeconomics, graphic communication, and principles of accounting that students can take. When studying online, students can choose from programs such as a Bachelor of Science in Special Education, Master of Science in Financial Planning, as well as graduate certificates in dyslexia and eLearning design.

9. Middle Georgia State University

Located in Macon, Middle Georgia State University employs a strategic plan that's aimed at inspiring their students to be innovative and engaging members of society. Students who are interested in online learning opportunities from this school can choose from over available 40 programs. The school has undergraduate, graduate, certificate programs, and minors in areas like a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Master of Science in Health Informatics, and certificates in cybersecurity, financial technology, and web design. When enrolled in Middle Georgia State University, online students can access helpful resources from the Student Success Center and interact with an online tutor.

10. Georgia Southwestern State University

With an emphasis on student interaction, Georgia Southwestern University in Americus will only develop online programs in which students can successfully learn while being distant from their lecturers. As such, the school has made only 6 programs available online. The undergraduate and graduate level programs include an MBA, Master of Nursing, and a graduate certificate in computer information systems. To facilitate distance learning, the school gives online students access to the main library database where they can search for the books they need and order them.

11. Columbus State University

Columbus State University, located in Columbus, is dedicated to preparing its students for lifelong success and prosperous careers. Of the undergraduate degrees it offers, 8 of them are in an online format and include a Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies and Bachelor of Science in Sociology. On the graduate degree level, almost half of its 42 programs are online and students can choose from programs like a Master of Education in Teacher Leadership, Master of Science in Applied Computer Science, and MBA. The school also offers several endorsements and graduate certificates in areas such as online teaching.

12. University of North Georgia

Sitting at the midpoint of our list is the University of North Georgia, which has multiple campuses located in Blue Ridge, Cumming, Dahlonega, Gainesville, and Oconee. The school is renowned for being one of the few senior military colleges in the country. The school offers a range of online undergraduate, graduate, certificate, and endorsement programs like a Bachelor of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies, Master of Science in Kinesiology, and Associate of Arts in Political Science. Even though they are enrolled in a distance education program, online students can interact with their online student ambassadors to participate in off-campus activities and discuss learning challenges.

13. Toccoa Falls College

Nestled in Toccoa Falls, this private, Christian educational institution is focused on helping its students have a positive impact on the world at large. While the online programs are only at the undergraduate level, they concentrate on religious and non-religious areas, with degrees including an Associate of Arts and Bachelor of Science in Business Administration as well as a Bachelor of Science in Ministry Leadership. The school also offers tuition discounts for emergency first responders and people who work in certain counties.

14. Shorter University

As a Christ-centred institution, Shorter University in Rome has made it the school's mission to transform its students' lives through the work and words of Christ. This school offers a wide range of online associate degrees, bachelor's degrees, and master's degrees like an Associate of Science in Human Services, Bachelor of Science in Christian Studies, and Master of Management. Online students also have the advantage of shorter school terms which are eight weeks in length. Members of the military can enjoy quite a few benefits from Shorter University such as reduced tuition, training for college credit, as well as dedicated academic advisors.

15. Mercer University

Mercer University is interested in encouraging its students to not only advance their academic knowledge but to also get to know themselves and their purpose. This is possible even for online students who aren't enrolled at the school's Atlanta, Columbus, Savannah, and Macon locations as they're able to talk with their instructors through conference calls or virtual interactions. Students can start undergraduate, graduate, or endorsement programs at varying points in the year as there are multiple admission periods. While enrolled at Mercer University, students can complete some programs online like a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice Leadership, Master of Education in Elementary Education, and Graduate Certificate in Technical Communication Management in a shorter time than average.

16. Georgia Military College

While Georgia Military College is described as being military-friendly, its academic programs are open to anyone who is interested in a character-based education. While the school offers a number of degree programs at its 14 campus locations in cities such as Fayetteville, Madison, and Stone Mountain, its online undergraduate degree programs are mostly associate degrees. The subject matter of these degree programs include Biology, Information Technology, and Logistics Management.

17. Thomas University

Thomas University, which is located in Thomasville, is interested in developing their students' full potential through the use of creative teaching methods as well as interactive technology. This technology comes into play as an integral part of the eight online programs the school offers. These programs are at the undergraduate as well as graduate levels and include studies such as an Associate of Science in Law Enforcement, Bachelor of Science in Rehabilitation Studies, and an MBA. The online learning platforms that Thomas University uses will not only allow students to take their classes and access lecture notes but will also provide opportunities for group discussions as well as time with the lecturers.

18. Augusta University

Whether students are interested in an undergraduate or graduate-level program, Augusta University is interested in helping them find the path to success. The school offers associate, bachelor's, and master's degree online programs as well as professional certificates across its ten colleges. Of the available online programs, this Augusta-based school offers some health science programs such as an Associate of Science/Bachelor of Science in Dental Hygiene degree completion program and a Master of Science in Public Health. Augusta University supports its online students' learning through the use of emails and helpful online discussion forums.

19. Clayton State University

Clayton State University is determined to foster critical thinking in their students by providing individual attention and engaging academic programs at its Morrow campus and beyond. This extends to their online students as the school provides tutoring as well as a writer's studio online. The online programs that are available include bachelor's and master's degrees like a Bachelor of Arts in History, Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting and a Master of Strategic Leadership Development. Students who choose online programs are also eligible for the eTuition which is less than the regular fee since online students will not use on-campus services like health coverage and parking.

20. Point University

Point University, found in West Point, aims to provide its students with a Christ-centred academic program that is challenging but engaging. The school has online certificate programs as well as undergraduate and graduate degree programs. The learning materials are delivered through an interactive platform that allows students to have support from their lecturers and classmates. Students who are interested in online programs from Point University can choose to pursue degree options such as associate's and bachelor's degrees in Organizational Leadership as well as a master's degree in Transformative Ministry.

21. Savannah College of Art and Design

As the first school on the list that focuses on creative programs, the Savannah College of Art and Design wants their talented students to learn in a positive environment whether they're studying online or at its campuses in Atlanta or Savannah. Of the more than 40 programs the school offers, 16 of them are delivered completely online. These programs include Bachelor of Arts degrees in Advertising and Graphic Design as well as Master of Arts degrees in Fashion and Interior Design. Through their virtual learning platform, online students can rent their textbooks, go through professional development exercises, and get mentored by their peers.

22. Georgia State University

Georgia State University in Atlanta aims to transform its students by providing excellent academic programs and student support. This school practices data-driven, adaptive learning techniques that can be useful for difficult introductory courses. The range of online programs they offer are at the certificate, undergraduate, and graduate levels. Online program options include degrees like Associate of Arts in Anthropology, Associate of Science in Dental Hygiene, and Master of Arts in Applied Linguistics.

23. Truett McConnell University

As a Christian school, the Truett McConnell University in Cleveland has dedicated itself to using Bible-centred teaching that will equip their students for their future careers and personal growth. The school has four undergraduate programs and two graduate programs in completely online learning formats. These will work well for persons who would like to pursue programs like a Bachelor of Arts in Christian Studies, Bachelor of Science in Psychology, or an MBA. Students can get assistance with online learning challenges by contacting the school's online team.

24. Fort Valley State University

Fort Valley State University considers itself the place to be for talented students who want to upgrade to brilliance. The online programs offered cover undergraduate degrees in political science and psychology among others. The school also has graduate degree programs in areas such as Criminal Justice. There is an online ordering platform that enables students to purchase books and other course materials.

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