2020 Top 50 Business Schools

Business degrees are among the most sought after among college students. To help you decide on the best business degree program for you, Study.com has ranked the top 50 business schools in the U.S. based on several factors, including education quality, affordability, and resources for business students.

Utilizing our unique methods of school ranking, Study.com has put together this list of 50 of the best business schools in the US for 2020. Working with reliable data sources such as the Department of Education's evaluation of graduation rates, costs of attendance, and retention of students, as well as the school's websites, we've been able to determine effective programs that remain within reach. Programs on our list not only include on-campus options for those seeking an in-person experience, but also include online degree options for those who need more flexibility in their studies.

Study.com's rankings are unique in that they emphasize accessibility, affordability, and quality of education, which we considered the most important attributes in our ranking lists. There's more to a school than the academics, however, and by taking into account features like extracurricular opportunities and partnered companies, our rankings aim to help you find not just a great school, but a school that's a great fit for you. Check out our list of the best schools to earn a business degree.

1. Northwood University

Located in Midland, Michigan, Northwood University places a heavy focus on business education that's not often seen at other schools. With the bulk of undergraduate majors offered relating to business in some way, you'll know that your fellow students share many of the same interests, offering fantastic networking opportunities. The school also doesn't shy away from newer fields of study, as it now offers a major in eSports Management, where students can learn event planning and coaching skills. Northwood University also has both standard MBA and executive MBA programs available, for those looking to take their career to the next level.

2. Robert Morris University Illinois

Robert Morris University Illinois operates its business school out of its main campus in Chicago, providing a place to learn that's not far from one of the major centers of American commerce. With over 100 years of history behind its business program, Robert Morris University Illinois offers undergraduate and graduate degrees in business, as well as dual degree programs which allow you to graduate with both. Of particular note is their Bachelor of Science in Accounting program, which utilizes longstanding ties with major accounting firm PricewaterhouseCoopers to offer students the kind of internships that can set them on the path to success.

3. Wright State University - Lake Campus

Located in Celina, Ohio, Wright State University's Lake Campus offers a spread of programs which can fit most anyone's business education needs, with degrees ranging from associate's to master's. While their general business major serves as the main focus, other programs such as applied business technologies can offer alternative ways of breaking into the world of business, helping adult students returning to school to develop the soft skills needed for success. Wright State's Bachelor of Technical and Applied Studies allows students completing their degree to concentrate in supervision and management, setting them up to enter a number of industries after graduation. The graduate programs at Wright State University also make use of the cohort model, making it easier to develop lasting relationships with classmates and professors which can become invaluable in the world of business.

4. Indiana Institute of Technology - College of Professional Studies

Indiana Institute of Technology's College of Professional Studies, situated along the Maumee River in Fort Wayne, is a school well-suited to both first-time students with difficult schedules and those returning to academics after entering the workforce. With classes starting every 5 weeks for undergraduate degrees or every 6 weeks for graduate degrees, you won't have to wait long to begin your newest educational journey. Indiana Institute of Technology offers a huge variety of concentrations for their BS in Business Administration, from production management to healthcare administration, most of which are conveniently available both on campus and online. Graduate offerings include both an MBA program and a Master of Science in Management, along with options to earn both at once for a dual degree or as part of a 4+1 program, which enables students to graduate with a bachelor's and master's.

5. Louisiana State University - Shreveport

Coming off the heels of its 50th anniversary in 2017, the Louisiana State University at Shreveport continues to make a name for itself with its business offerings, whether they're online or on campus. Louisiana State University - Shreveport's bachelor's in finance stands out, with concentrations in financial analysis, insurance, and real estate, providing students with the chance to really focus on their areas of interest while laying the groundwork for licensure in Louisiana. Louisiana State University - Shreveport also offers a special program to first-time freshmen who've received a Pell grant, exempting them from any tuition costs that exceed the value of their financial aid for up to four years, so long as these students remain continuously enrolled.

6. Baker University

Founded in Baldwin City, Kansas back in 1858, Baker University sports a powerful business program. Students can gain an education in one of five different business majors, ranging from accounting to sports administration. Baker also features a program designed to help students become qualified business teachers themselves, for those who are hoping to share their business knowledge with the world. Students here have several noteworthy scholarship opportunities and programs, including awards for academically outstanding students. The Baker Organizational Observation for Knowledge (BOOK) program, for example, rewards students for studying the history and structure of companies where they intern and presenting the results of their study in the hopes of winning a cash prize.

7. The Citadel Military College of South Carolina

Located in the historic city of Charleston, SC, the Citadel has a longstanding military tradition, providing a rigorous, structured learning experience in the South Carolina Corps of Cadets for those who desire it. Cadets are able to major in topics like business administration, with five concentrations, and supply chain management. The school also features a business scholars program, which offers scholarships, special networking and study abroad opportunities, and more to give cadets the best business education possible. Those who aren't so inclined, however, can take classes from the Citadel Graduate College, which offers evening classes aimed primarily at those who have started a degree, be it graduate or undergraduate, but haven't had the chance to finish it. The Citadel's business administration program is well respected, and offered both online and in person, providing you with a chance to pick up a degree with a meaningful name attached from the comfort of home.

8. Bryan College - Dayton

Bryan College's Dayton campus rests in the Smoky Mountains, not far from Chattanooga, Tennessee, providing beautiful vistas for students who study on campus. The school takes pride in its Christian origins, placing a major focus on student's personal growth as they embark on a journey of education. With an impressive 14:1 student to professor ratio, faculty are available to help provide the personal attention that's needed to facilitate this growth. Bryan College offers a number of business-related majors, including management, marketing, economics, and business administration, many of which have concentration options. Each graduate of Bryan College can expect to come away with not only a comprehensive understanding of business, but the compassionate nature needed to apply that knowledge in a fair and just way.

9. Webster University

Located in St. Louis, Missouri, just a few miles from the Mississippi River, Webster University began as a Catholic women's college over a century ago. This now co-ed university offers a great variety of business majors, including unique options such as a BS in Business Administration with a concentration in Sports and Entertainment Management, which can set you on the path to success in management careers in the sports industry. Combined degree programs are also a great choice at Webster, with options including both dual bachelor's focuses, such as accounting and finance, and bachelor's/master's combined programs, so that you can get exactly the education you're looking for.

10. Metropolitan College of New York

With two different campuses in one of the most bustling cities in the world, the Metropolitan College of New York is another fantastic school for busy adults looking for a part-time education. The Metropolitan College of New York offers degrees in business ranging from associate's to master's, meaning they can help you to take the next step no matter where you are in your educational journey. One of the most unique aspects of the Metropolitan College of New York's MBA program is its included 10-day study abroad period, providing students with a first taste of international commerce and opportunities to learn from major European companies and institutions such as Deutsche Bank.

11. Thomas More College

An institution on the cusp of its centennial anniversary, Thomas More College was founded in Kentucky in 1921 as a Catholic school for women, although it is now open to all. As far as business degrees go, Thomas More recently affirmed their commitment to providing a strong education in commerce by establishing a dedicated school of business, where students can major in accounting, business administration, and information systems. The business administration program is the largest at the school, with concentrations available in management/human resources, finance, and marketing. Still, Thomas More College's focus on providing students with individualized attention ensures that even those in popular majors can get the full support of faculty.

12. John Brown University

For those who seek to keep their religion at the forefront of their education without compromising on quality, Siloam Springs, Arkansas's Christian-based John Brown University just might be the answer. With 6 different business majors available, including international business and entrepreneurship, John Brown University can provide you with the skills and knowledge you need to succeed. John Brown University also offers its unique, Christian-informed business administration degree program online, allowing part-time students the chance to get a thorough education in business that's tempered by the selfless values at the heart of religion.

13. University of Hawaii - West O'ahu

Located on the Hawaiian island of West O'ahu, where a new campus was built back in 2012, the University of Hawaii - West O'ahu is a fast-growing school with modern facilities. The school offers a number of business degrees, some in more conventional areas like finance and accounting, while others focus on the needs of Hawaii's economy, such as facilities management, or hospitality and tourism, which has an emphasis on ethics and cultural concerns. The University of West O'ahu is also host to the Gamma Iota Sigma honors fraternity for finance and actuarial science students, offering them a means of building relationships with some of Hawaii's biggest insurance companies.

14. Eastern Oregon University

La Grande's Eastern Oregon University touts itself as being a top choice for veterans and military families, and there's plenty of evidence to support that. Eastern Oregon University's undergrad business programs include accounting, economics, and business administration, with concentrations such as marketing and agribusiness available in the latter program. Eastern Oregon University also makes these programs available online, providing busy military members and their families with the option to take classes on their own terms. The school also offers an MBA program, both on campus in the evenings and online, for those looking to take their education to the next level.

15. University of Charleston

Located in Charleston, West Virginia, the University of Charleston offers both graduate and undergraduate degrees in business, with majors in specialized degree areas such as financial planning and sport analytics. The University of Charleston even offers a unique Doctor of Executive Leadership degree, available online with yearly visits to campus. The Doctor of Executive Leadership provides the skills needed to succeed at the highest levels combined with a scholarly approach, creating thoughtful leaders who can take the world into the future of business. While internships and cooperative employment opportunities aren't required to graduate, the University of Charleston is a major advocate of the practice, helping any and all students who want to gain firsthand experience find a position.

16. Fort Hays State University

Fort Hays State University makes its home in the small college town of Hays, Kansas. With the College of Business and Entrepreneurship standing as one of the school's crowning gems, students can complete their education in business in a number of majors, such as accounting, finance, marketing, and more. Fort Hays State University also has applied business studies majors, in areas like tourism and hospitality management, where students can develop skills leading directly to careers in these industries. Their graduate programs are also quite prolific, with 11 different MBA concentrations available, on top of other master's degrees, such as their Master of Liberal Studies in Informatics, which has a concentration in management information systems.

17. Indiana University - Bloomington

Celebrating its 200th anniversary in 2020, Indiana University in Bloomington acts as the lead school in the Indiana University system. Their Kelley School of Business features 18 possible majors, many of which are designed to work as 'co-majors', such as technology management and sustainable business. This allows students to gain insight into unique areas of business today, without staking their entire future career on current trends. Additionally, unlike most other schools, students are allowed to hold off on choosing a major until they've had a chance to experience most of the business curriculum, giving them the opportunity to find out if a major will be a good fit for them before committing.

18. Lakeland University

Standing not far from the shores of Lake Michigan, this small school in Plymouth, Wisconsin has strong ties to the United Church of Christ. Lakeland University's undergraduate business offerings on campus include majors in areas like accounting, hospitality management, sports management, and industrial systems analytics, leaving students with a wealth of options to choose from. One of the most interesting things about Lakeland, however, is their cooperative education program, in which students can gain paid professional work experience and earn academic credit at the same time. The pay is also supplemented by a $14,000 a year scholarship, making it easier for students to work, pay for college, and earn a degree all at once.

19. Cornerstone University

Cornerstone University, a fixture of Grand Rapids, Michigan, is a school with a mission based heavily on its origins in the Baptist church. Students interested in full-time business programs have many options to choose from, including degrees such as the BS in Non-Profit Administration which aligns well with the school's Christian goals. Cornerstone University also gears itself toward those who can't commit to four years of full-time study, offering associate's degrees, accelerated, and online bachelor's degrees in business. Outside of the classroom, Cornerstone has a regular series of executive speakers, where business students can hear from the CEOs of some of America's most successful corporations, offering insight into high-level business that's hard to match.

20. Cardinal Stritch University

This Milwaukee college began as a school for Franciscan sisters, and much of that Catholic order's heritage still influences the school's vision. Cardinal Stritch University now offers dozens of majors, in online, on-campus, and evening formats, including four business majors, giving students the choice to take their classes in a manner that best fits them. Business programs at Cardinal Stritch University include a BS in Accounting, BS in Business Administration, and a BA in International Business, as well as an MBA program with an optional concentration in healthcare. As part of its commitment to the business world, Cardinal Stritch University sometimes works with businesses who intend to help their employees earn a master's with their special offsite MBA program.

21. Penn State Behrend

Penn State Behrend is a school that came from humble beginnings, standing on former farmland near Erie, Pennsylvania. Like other schools in the Penn State system, Penn State Behrend is known for its phenomenal business school, which offers an associate's program, 9 separate bachelor's majors, and 4 unique master's degrees, including degrees in hot new areas like their rare BS in Project and Supply Chain Management. One of the most valuable aspects of Penn State Behrend's business programs is the flexible study abroad options, which can last anywhere from 10 days (as part of a special course) to an entire year, giving students a chance to learn the importance of international business firsthand. There are even international internship opportunities available, for those who really want to challenge themselves.

22. Oakland City University

A Christian school in America's heartland, Indiana's Oakland City University focuses on providing a personal touch to your education, keeping class sizes small so that you can actually develop a relationship with your professors. Oakland City University has a strong business administration degree program, with half a dozen concentrations available, including more unique choices such as secondary education. Their graduate degree options are also quite impressive, featuring an MS in Strategic Management, which has further specialties such as quality systems and logistics available, in addition to the traditional MBA.

23. Huntingdon College

Located in Alabama's capital city of Montgomery, Huntingdon College is a school founded by the United Methodist Church. Students at Huntingdon have the choice to follow degree tracks in areas like accounting, business administration, and sports management. Huntingdon College's business students also have a strong history of student groups, with organizations such as the business club, accounting club, and the Sigma Beta Delta business honors society having a strong presence on campus. The school also does everything it can to facilitate networking between business students and the local professionals of Montgomery, putting on regular events to help introduce students to major accounting firms and successful alumni around the country.

24. University of Sioux Falls

Located in South Dakota's biggest city, the University of Sioux Falls is one of the premier Christian schools in the region. The university has several business programs available, which share a common theme of ethics and innovation. They place an emphasis on flexibility as well, with accelerated 3-year degree options in accounting and business studies, part-time and accelerated MBA programs, and traditional 4-year programs, like their BA in Professional Accounting and Business Administration, and BA in Sports Management. The University of Sioux Falls also offers students the chance to manage a real stock portfolio through their Coo Tycoons Investment Club, with proceeds from well-managed stocks being made available as scholarships.

25. Belmont Abbey College

As the name might suggest, Belmont Abbey College is a Catholic college, in the tradition of Benedictine monks, located in Belmont, NC, just outside of Charlotte. With a vast array of business programs available, including accounting, finance, international business, and marketing, Belmont Abbey College aims to provide tomorrow's business leaders with the wisdom and clarity of thought that its monastic history is known for. The professors at Belmont Abbey College are not only highly educated, but also possess direct experience in their fields, with many having turned to teaching after decades-long careers in business. This gives students at this small school access to a wealth of knowledge and experience, which they can then put to use in their own careers.

26. University of Baltimore

The University of Baltimore has been committed to providing education in business from the time it first opened its doors as an evening school for law and business administration in 1925. Part of the University System of Maryland, the University of Baltimore currently offers students aiming for a BS in Business Administration 13 fantastic concentrations in areas such as data analytics and real estate and economic development. Their BS in Information Systems and Technology Management is another excellent choice, giving tech savvy students the chance to build their business skills and break into a fast-growing field. One of the University of Baltimore's most intriguing programs is the Entrepreneurship Fellows program, which offers students four semesters' worth of funding while allowing them the opportunity to learn firsthand by working at burgeoning new ventures with entrepreneurs who are already on the road to success.

27. Husson University

Located in Bangor, Maine, Husson University has set out to provide private university quality at a price that's more affordable than most. Husson University's School of Business and Management is both the oldest and one of the largest in the state, with degree offerings in accounting, hospitality and tourism, and sports management. The business administration program at Husson University is available as both a four-year bachelor's degree and as part of a 4+1 program which will result in an MBA as well. Students in Husson University's School of Business and Management can also benefit from several business-related student honors organizations on campus, including the Sigma Beta Delta society for accounting and business, the Eta Sigma Delta society for hospitality and tourism, and the Sigma Nu Tau society for entrepreneurship.

28. Arizona State University - West

Arizona State University's - West campus is located on the northwestern side of Phoenix, and offers over a dozen business-related degree programs, including a BS in Accounting, BS in Health Entrepreneurship, and a Bachelor of Global Management. Many of the school's business programs are also available in online and accelerated formats, giving students options that best fit their lives. Arizona State University - West also has options for concurrent degree programs, which can allow students to earn two bachelor's degrees upon graduation. Putting great attention on careers after graduation, Arizona State University - West also facilitates mentorship programs, setting students up with recent alumni and other business professionals to help coach them on the path to success.

29. Belhaven University

This Christian college in Jackson, Mississippi is committed to offering flexible degree programs and helping working adults to earn their degrees. Traditional full-time students can choose from majors including accounting, business administration, public relations, and sports management. Belhaven University's online and adult education programs make earning degrees at most levels attainable, with programs such as an AA in Business, BS in Accounting, or BS in Management. Graduate programs include an MS in Leadership, as well as MBAs, all available for distance learning. Belhaven University heavily encourages students to take part in internships and study abroad opportunities, having placed students in noteworthy organizations such as the NFL Alumni Association.

30. Malone University

Malone University is a Christian school located in Canton, Ohio, which heavily integrates faith into their curriculum. Their business department features degree programs in areas like business administration, accounting, finance, and marketing, most of which are also available as a minor. One of Malone University's most distinctive features is the service learning opportunities it offers, where students are given the choice to travel internationally and help out in struggling areas, learning and working toward the goals of their faith along the way. For those looking for an experience closer to home, Malone also features an Enactus team, which applies business theories to outreach projects in a competitive format, allowing students to show off the skills they've learned to big name professionals while helping those less fortunate at the same time.

31. Bethel University - Indiana

Founded by the Missionary Church, Mishawaka's Bethel University has taken advantage of changing technology to bring greater opportunities for education. With online, on-campus, and hybrid programs available at both the undergraduate and graduate level, Bethel University's degree programs with a unique spiritual influence are available in the format which fits you best. Business majors available at Bethel University include a BA in Business Management, BA in Accounting, BA in Economics and Finance, and a BA in Sport Management, as well as an MBA that can be taken online or in person. Bethel University also boasts a business faculty that's highly experienced in diverse areas of business, while providing the small class sizes that allow students to truly benefit from their professor's expertise.

32. Cal Poly - Pomona

Located about 30 miles outside of Los Angeles, Cal Poly - Pomona is a school that was built on land that was donated by cereal magnate W.K. Kellogg, meaning that even its origins are steeped in business success. Cal Poly - Pomona aims to provide all students with an education in a variety of areas, as exemplified by the unique First Year Experience, which features field trips and community service as you get to know your major. Students in the College of Business can earn their bachelor's in areas like real estate and finance, e-business, and management and human resources, among others, while graduate programs in accounting, information security, and business administration provide the in-depth studies that can launch your career ahead.

33. Rutgers University - Newark

Rutgers University's Newark campus provides a place to study right in the heart of New Jersey's biggest city. The school takes great pride in its business school, which offers a great variety of programs, particularly at the graduate level. While many of the standard options are there, such as a BS in Accounting, Rutgers University Newark offers a wide array of concentrations, even in less common specialties like business of fashion and supply chain management, which can fit along with most other majors. Undergraduate students in their second year can also take advantage of the school's 'Road to Wall Street' program, which selects a small number of students with an interest in finance and provides them with special courses, Wall Street mentors, and internship opportunities that can help them find a job at the biggest companies on the planet. Rutgers University Newark's highly tailored master's programs include options such as governmental accounting, digital marketing, and quantitative finance, allowing you to truly cultivate a specialty in an area that drives your passion.

34. Sonoma State University

A part of the California State University system, Sonoma State University is a public college in the small city of Rohnert Park, just outside San Francisco, in what is known as California's wine country. Sonoma State University's School of Business and Economics takes this fact seriously: the university offers one of the only degree programs dedicated to the wine industry in the country, where students can earn bachelor's or MBAs in wine business management or wine production. More conventional options remain available as well, such as their BS in Business Administration, which has 6 concentrations in addition to wine business strategies, in areas like financial management and marketing, or a BA in Economics.

35. Trevecca Nazarene University

Situated in downtown Nashville, Tennessee, Trevecca Nazarene University is a Christian school focused on providing education at all degree levels, from associate's to doctorates. Their business offerings stand out as some of the best, from the BBA in Music Business to the BS in Business Education. Trevecca Nazarene University features programs with concentrations in the latest technology as well, such as the BS in Information Technology's social media and digital marketing concentration, which can give you the edge you need to make it in the ever-shifting modern job market.

36. Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts

Found in the beautiful small city of North Adams, the Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts has a focus on giving its students a diverse education, designed to supplement their selected area of study. The school's BS in Business Administration program is equally flexible, offering concentrations in accounting, international business, event management, and more, as well as a 3-year BA in Business Administration accelerated course track. It also hosts a branch of the national business honors society, Delta Mu Delta, providing students with an organization of like-minded peers to associate with, both on campus and across the nation. Business students at the Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts also have a variety of internship opportunities, including past associations with major companies such as Merrill Lynch.

37. Penn State Brandywine

Penn State Brandywine is another strong member of the Pennsylvania State University family of schools, located outside of Philadelphia in the town of Media. Penn State Brandywine's business department offers both an associate's in business and a BS in Business, with the option to transition from a 2-year to 4-year degree, if desired. The university places a great deal of pride in the bachelor program's 'senior experience,' which provides the choice between an internship or independent research, both as a capstone to the education gained and as an opportunity to put their learning into practice. These internships can often provide valuable connections with businesses across the state, helping Penn State Brandywine graduates to stand out when they enter the job market.

38. University of Wisconsin - Stout

The University of Wisconsin - Stout, located in Menomonie, places extraordinary emphasis on the idea of a career-centered education, setting out to ensure that not only your degree, but your time at the school will pay off in the working world. Partnered with major global businesses, University of Wisconsin - Stout students can benefit from internships and other hands-on learning opportunities not easily found elsewhere. The school's BS in Business Administration program features ten excellent concentrations, in areas like management and manufacturing, so that you can shape your education and experiences towards your specific goals.

39. California State University - Stanislaus

California State University - Stanislaus stands in Turlock, California, spread across two stunning campuses. The school's College of Business Administration offers both bachelor's and master's degrees, with the BS in Business Administration featuring seven concentrations, such as computer information systems and operations management. The MBA programs available can be taken online, on campus, or through the executive MBA style of learning, which moves at an accelerated pace with classes centered on weekends, ensuring that education works on your schedule, rather than theirs. California State University - Stanislaus is also a big supporter of student organizations, with six business-themed student organizations on campus, in addition to the Beta Alpha Psi and Beta Gamma Sigma business honors societies.

40. Shorter University

A growing school located in Rome, Georgia, Shorter University has built a name in the state for its ability to put out business leaders with Christian values. Shorter University's Robert H. Ledbetter School of Business provides several business administration degree options, in areas like accounting, management, and computer information systems, as well as the option to earn both a bachelor's and a master's in just four years. Shorter University is also host to a number of prestigious student organizations, such as the Sigma Beta Delta honors society and an Enactus team, where students can compete to put forward business plans to help underserved populations. Their master's degree options align well with the undergraduate curriculum, with master's in accountancy and management in addition to the general MBA, all of which have accelerated options to help you complete your degree in just one year.

41. Penn State Abington

Standing just north of Philadelphia, the Penn State Abington campus offers students a quiet, suburban campus where they can study, while still having access to the hundreds of major businesses that call the city home. Penn State Abington is host to several business degree programs, with undergraduate majors available in conventional programs like finance and more unique ones, such as corporate communication and project and supply chain management. The BS in Business also offers four additional concentrations, and the option to craft an individualized study plan if you still can't find the right fit for you, giving business students total control over the course of their education. Penn State Abington also features an Enactus team, which provides students the chance to put their business knowledge to work helping to improve quality of life for the impoverished.

42. San Francisco State University

Another member of the California State University system, San Francisco State University is a beacon of higher learning within one of California's economic hotspots. The school's BS in Business Administration features ten concentrations, including rare, stand-out options like decision sciences, in addition to other degrees such as the BS in Hospitality and Tourism Management, BA in Economics, and BA in Labor and Employment Studies. San Francisco State University's graduate programs cater toward the tech industry the city has become known for, with options such as the MS in Business Analytics and an MBA for Biotech Professionals, as well as executive MBA programs which work for busy professionals.

43. Mount Vernon Nazarene University

One of the premier universities of the Church of the Nazarene, Mount Vernon Nazarene University is located in Ohio, and remains rooted in the teachings of the church. The university provides access to business programs at a variety of degree levels. Their BS in Business Administration offers students the opportunity to intern at companies in Columbus, as well as the chance to participate in exciting organizations such as the International Business Institute, which involves 10 weeks of travel outside the country. One of the most unique programs Mount Vernon Nazarene University has to offer is the Master of Ministry/MBA dual degree program, which can help students in ministerial studies gain the business skills needed to help their churches succeed.

44. University of the Incarnate Word

The largest Catholic university in Texas, the University of the Incarnate Word is based out of San Antonio, and serves as home for thousands of students of all faiths. Featuring a Bachelor's of Business Administration program with ten concentrations, including professional golf management, the University of the Incarnate Word has a focus on business that's worthy of your attention. The university encourages its students to test their entrepreneurial mettle by putting on competitions such as the Startup Challenge, which grants them the opportunity to develop a business plan from scratch over 13 weeks, with the winners taking home $10,000 in seed money to give their idea a running start.

45. University of New Hampshire

The main campus of the University of New Hampshire is situated in Durham, NH, with easy access to the mountains and the ocean. The University of New Hampshire's business degree programs offer education in areas like economics, accounting, hotel and hospitality management, and business administration, the latter of which has eight concentration options, including a self-designed program, giving students the unique opportunity to develop their own specialized program. It also has a wide variety of graduate degree programs, including a dual degree MBA and Juris Doctor program, for those looking for expertise in both business and law.

46. University of Mary

The University of Mary is a Catholic college in Bismarck, North Dakota. The traditional four-year programs in business range from construction management and IT management to accounting and business education, providing a range of options in many different areas of business, such as their BS/BA in Financial Services and Banking or BS/BA in Business Administration. The University of Mary also offers online and evening courses at both the graduate and undergraduate level, with the master's degrees in business offering specialized concentrations in areas like catholic philanthropy, virtuous leadership, and project management. By utilizing the University of Mary's year-round campus, students can actually complete a bachelor's in as little as 2.6 years, making this school a great choice for those who wish to power through their studies.

47. Southern Wesleyan University

The Southern Wesleyan University campus stands in Central, South Carolina, where it provides students with a Christian-centered education. With eight concentrations to choose from in their BS in Business Administration program, of which seven are available online, Southern Wesleyan University is a school that allows for a great degree of flexibility. Its graduate programs are entirely online, giving students the freedom to study from anywhere in the world while earning an MBA or an MS in Management and Leadership, which have four concentration options each. The school's faculty are also carefully chosen, ensuring that they have that perfect mix of experience and education which makes for an excellent professor.

48. Tusculum University

Tusculum University of Greeneville, Tennessee has been a leader in offering devout Christian students an education that's both quality and consistent with their faith. Tusculum University offers both a BS and BA in Business Administration, with the former aimed primarily at non-traditional students, and the latter offering six concentrations in classic areas of business like marketing and entrepreneurship. The school also takes pride in its MBA program, available both on campus and online, where students will complete a comprehensive business project over the summer, putting what they've learned to use. The Business Club at Tusculum acts as the main student organization dedicated to business, encouraging ethics and leadership in addition to networking opportunities that will become invaluable after graduation.

49. Wisconsin Lutheran College

The Wisconsin Lutheran College has risen from humble beginnings to provide strong educational offerings to the people of its home city of Milwaukee and beyond. With traditional undergraduate programs in accounting and business administration, which features six concentrations, and an accelerated degree-completion program in business management and leadership, Wisconsin Lutheran College clearly places an emphasis on success in business, tempered by Christian values at the institution's heart. Students in the business administration program are taken on trips to major centers of commerce, such as Chicago, and have the opportunity to intern with major companies in finance, such as Merrill Lynch and U.S. Bank. Wisconsin Lutheran College is also home to an Enactus team, where students put their business skills to work devising plans to help economically struggling areas, a goal that's well aligned with the school's mission.

50. University of Mary Washington

Located in Fredericksburg, Virginia, the University of Mary Washington's fledgling business program has already begun to make an impression. The primary undergraduate degree is a BS in Business Administration, with majors in general business administration, accounting, marketing, and international business. The University of Mary Washington excels at providing opportunities to its students, with frequent internships, as well as programs such as alumni mentoring, 'speed networking' events allowing students to meet business leaders, and career guidance chats. Their Learning Journeys program can offer students an inside look at how Virginia businesses operate and function. Graduate degree options at the University of Mary Washington include the traditional MBA and a Master of Science in Management Information Systems, along with a dual degree option allowing students to earn both at once. Students looking to pick up an MBA along with their undergraduate degree can take the 4+1 option, finishing both programs in just five years.

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