International Business Degrees

Discern the differences between international business degree programs by level. Discover the types of online degree programs available and what you can do with a degree in international business.

International Business Major

Degree programs in international business immerse you in the policies, practices and economics of managing business on a global scale. Some programs, particularly at the undergraduate level, may require or strongly recommend courses in a foreign language. You can also participate in an international internship or study abroad experience, which are most common at the bachelor's and master's degree levels.

Degree Levels Program Length Admission Requirements
Associate Degree 2 years High school diploma or GED
Bachelor's Degree 4 years High school diploma or GED
Master's or MBA Degree 1-2 years Bachelor's degree
Master of Laws Degree 1 year J.D. or bachelor's degree
Ph.D. Degree 4-5 years Bachelor's or master's degree

Associate Degree in International Business

A two-year associate degree program in international business will introduce you to global management concepts and practices. The curriculum doesn't usually focus on a specific geographical region but instead gives you a fundamental understanding of cultural and global considerations in business management. With an associate degree in international business, you can pursue an entry-level job, such as accounting clerk or human resources specialist, or a bachelor's degree to further your education and enhance your employment opportunities.

International Business Bachelor's Degree

Educational opportunities really start to open up in international business bachelor's degree programs. In addition to the chance to study or participate in internships internationally, some four-year programs let you focus on specific geographical areas, immersing you in the language and culture to prepare you for your career. At the bachelor's level, you can find majors in international business as well as international business concentrations within business administration programs.

Master's Degree in International Business

Most master's degree programs allow you to customize your coursework to fit any career goal. Dual degree options or concentrations let you focus on a specific business area (like marketing or finance). M.S. or M.A. programs in international business can be completed in less than two years, though you may take additional time if your schedule requires it.

MBA in International Business

MBA programs with a focus on international business center center around management and leadership in a global economy, giving you more opportunities for management roles. An MBA in International Business can open up a lot of career options. Like any MBA program, you'll learn about a variety of business concepts, such as marketing, human resources, finance, and technology, but from an international perspective. You can also find customizable programs that allow you to choose a specialization relevant to international business, such as supply chain management, human resources, sales, or finance.

Ph.D. in International Business

In an international business Ph.D. program, you delve into more theoretical research centered around global business practices and leadership. Some programs are specifically geared toward preparation for a teaching career, though you can apply what you learn in a business career. You can find general programs in international business as well as those that offer prepared specializations or that allow you to completely customize your curriculum.

International Business Law Degree

A Master of Laws (LLM) program with a focus on international business is typically a one-year program that concentrates on legal issues in many facets of business. You can take this as a stand-alone program, though it's more commonly pursued in conjunction with a law degree. Some concentrations include:

  • Global trade
  • Compliance
  • Health law
  • Real estate
  • Taxation

Online International Business Degree

There is an abundance of online degree programs in international business at every level. For undergrads, you can take courses for an associate or bachelor's degree program online or in a hybrid format. At the graduate level, you can find many master's, MBA and LLM programs fully and partially online. Some online graduate degree programs in international business may have in-person requirements, either on-campus or through a study-abroad opportunity.

What Can You Do with an International Business Degree?

Depending on the focus you choose for your studies, a degree in international business can prepare you for a wide swath of international business careers in areas such as marketing, law, import/export, humanitarian efforts, finance, or labor, just to name a few possibilities. Some specific positions you would qualify for include:

  • Human resources specialist
  • Social worker
  • Foreign service officer
  • Political campaign representative
  • Customs broker
  • Marketing manager
  • Global business accountant
  • Purchasing officer
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