Best Online Human Resources (HR) Degree Programs

We've curated a list of the best online human resources degree programs. This ranking of online HR schools will help you choose the best college for your needs. put in the work to come up with this extensive list of schools that provide online programs focused on human resource management. To make this ranking, we used several pieces of data from the U.S. Department of Education such as tuition, student retention, program availability, and graduation rate. The variety and quality of the HR programs offered and the support each school provided to its online learning students also factored into the list. Many schools also vary in the type and focus of HR classes they offer.'s school rankings focus on presenting schools that are affordable, accessible, and provide a high-quality education which we consider to be the most important attributes in our school rankings. If you're interested in an online undergraduate or graduate degree program that concentrates on human resource management, any one of these schools would be an excellent choice.

1. Fitchburg State University

Fitchburg State University has proudly offered a stellar education to students in its hometown of Fitchburg, Massachusetts for over one hundred years. Throughout its long history, the school has put an emphasis on adapting to the world as new disciplines and technologies are introduced, as evidenced by its devotion to its online students. At this school, students pursuing their studies online, like those in the 30-credit Master of Business Administration in Human Resources Management program, are given many of the same resources as those who live on campus. For instance, online students have ready access via email or Skype to a dedicated librarian that they can contact if they need help with research or library resources.

2. University of Wisconsin - Stout

The University of Wisconsin - Stout is a polytechnic institution that is focused on making sure its students are career ready. Although it is based in Menomonie, Wisconsin, this school offers over 30 undergrad and graduate programs online including its Master of Science in Training and Human Resource Development, which has the goal of producing graduates who are ready to use training opportunities to develop employees. Students in this program, as well as those in any online program at this school, are given the invaluable resource of a personal advisor to help them throughout their studies, as well as access to beneficial online resources like tutoring and writing labs.

3. National Louis University

With its main campus in Chicago, Illinois, National Louis University aims to provide a quality education that is committed to collaboration, innovation, and engaging students through developing their inquisitive minds. Students who want access to this caliber of education online can pursue a Master of Science in Human Resource Management and Development that will teach them about critical thinking, problem solving, and employee relations. Students who are enrolled in this online program will have access to learning specialists who offer tutoring services that can help them with any writing or technology questions that may arise in their various human resources courses.

4. Brenau University

Nearly one-third of the students at Brenau University are pursuing degrees completely online, so the school makes great efforts to ensure the distance education it provides is as excellent and user-friendly as possible. Among the many fully online programs at this Gainesville, Georgia school, students will find the Bachelor of Business Administration in Human Resource Management, the Master of Business Administration in Human Resources Management, and the Master of Science in Organizational Leadership in Human Resources Management. Brenau University understands the importance of ensuring its online students, including those in these programs, are able to interact with their classmates and instructor virtually, so it caps all class sizes at 20 students. The school also recognizes how beneficial it can be for online students to complete their programs quickly and affordably, so it offers accelerated 7-week classes and help with the financial aid process.

5. Florida International University

With over 20 years of experience in providing online learning, Florida International University continually strives to improve its access to distance-learning students and give them enough experiential learning to set them apart from other candidates when it comes to their post-graduation job searches. This Miami school is so intent on student success that it offers advisors and success coaches that help students take advantage of all the benefits of distance learning. Online students interested in human resources can choose from the school's Bachelor of Business Administration in Human Resource Management or the Master of Science in Human Resource Management, both of which align with the guidelines set forth by the Society for Human Resource Management.

6. University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign

The University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign prides itself on creating world-changing alumni through their transformative learning programs. The school provides helpful resources for its online students such as the Student Academic Resource Tool (S.T.A.R.T.) for its 48-credit hour Master of Human Resources and Industrial Relations degree program. Students also have other online graduate degree options in the form of the Master of Education and Doctor of Education in Human Resource Development programs. The online platform used by students not only provides the course material students need but also virtual offices where they can consult and collaborate with their instructors, giving them a phenomenal distance learning experience and quality education.

7. Rutgers University - New Brunswick

Rutgers University - New Brunswick in New Jersey is interested in using its teaching strengths to expertly prepare students for the world of work. Among the excellent online programs the school offers, there is a Bachelor of Science in Labor and Employment Relations, which focuses on preparing students to work with individuals or groups. When enrolled in this program, students can add a double major or minor in human resource management. At the graduate level, online students can opt to pursue a Professional Master's in Human Resource Management that is meant for human resource professionals with more than four years of work experience. This program offers students the flexibility of completing the degree within just 18 months or taking as few hours as they want to graduate at the speed that best suits their busy lives.

8. University of North Texas

The University of North Texas prides itself on being a school where knowledge can grow and opportunities abound. This remains true whether students are learning online or at one of its campuses located in Dallas, Frisco, Denton, or McKinney. At this school, students can pursue an online 36-credit hour Master of Business Administration with a concentration in Organizational Behavior and Human Resource Management which includes topics like talent acquisition, succession forecasting, and individual development. Students who are busy working professionals can take advantage of this program's accelerated option that allows them to earn their graduate degree in as little as 12-18 months.

9. Southwestern College

Southwestern College, located in Winfield, Kansas, aims to train students to make their lives significant, a goal they accomplish through dedication to the learning process. The school offers an online Bachelor of Science in Human Resource Management and Development, in which students are taught by HR professionals in quick six-week classes. When learning online, students will be able to easily communicate with their classmates and instructors through the school's learning platform, ensuring they are connected to the school and their program even though they are off campus.

10. University of the Incarnate Word

This Catholic university has been serving the students of its hometown of San Antonio, Texas and beyond for over 130 years. The University of the Incarnate Word is still committed to developing enlightened students through a faith-based, excellent education through programs like the online Bachelor of Arts in Human Resources. This 120 credit-hour program is in alignment with the guidelines set by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), meaning students here will get a well-renowned education backed up by a leading human resources society.

11. Central Michigan University

Located in Mount Pleasant, Central Michigan University has a strategic plan to nurture its students' successes by implementing a student-centric educational program. Of the school's online programs, students can find a 36-credit Master of Business Administration with an emphasis in Human Resource Management. As part of its focus on students, online students in this and other programs at Central Michigan University can communicate with their instructors through the school's learning platform and can even talk with student allies who can help foster success in online courses.

12. Robert Morris University

Robert Morris University, based in Moon Township, Pennsylvania, is excited to provide its students with innovative programs to best prepare them for success. The school proudly offers both a 30-credit Master of Science in Human Resource Management as well as a 51-credit dual-degree program that combines the M.S. in HR Management with a Master of Business Administration, in the hopes of fully preparing graduates for a phenomenal career in the business world. Among the many benefits provided to online students at Robert Morris University are access to dedicated wellness advisors, student counselors, and career advisors, all of which can be utilized to shape students into successful human resource employees.

13. Concordia University - Texas

This liberal arts university in Austin, Texas prides itself on producing graduates that are highly proficient in their chosen professions. A tribute to its excellent reputation, Concordia University has a number of accredited online programs, including the 120-credit Bachelor of Business Administration in Human Resource Management. When enrolled online, students have access to the school's online library of handbooks and encyclopedias as well as archived content, making it easy for class success, research, and knowledge development. Online students can even be tutored by their peers and take advantage of career preparation guidance through online content.

14. Clemson University

Situated along the Blue Ridge Mountains in Clemson, South Carolina, this university is interested in offering its students a diverse learning experience. Students with an interest in human resources can pursue a Master of Human Resource Development program that's taught by both academic professors and human resource professionals. In this program, students can learn about many topics including talent management, human performance management, and instructional materials development. Clemson University provides its distance-learning students with many beneficial online resources such as web conferencing like Skype and Google Hangouts, cloud storage, and group collaboration tools.

15. Hawaii Pacific University

The online Bachelor of Science in Human Resource Development at Hawaii Pacific University is impressively aligned with the guidelines of the Academy of Human Resource Development, Society for Human Resource Management, and the Association for Talent Development, making it obvious that this school is focused on providing the best human resources education possible. During the four years it takes to complete this program, students will have the opportunity to solidify their understanding of topics such as project management, organizational staffing, and learning technologies through quick 8-week classes offered in both online and hybrid formats. Online students at this Honolulu-based school can seek out online tutoring services and writing assistance, ensuring they are given the same chances to succeed as on-campus students.

16. SUNY College of Technology at Alfred

This Alfred, New York college has visions of creating opportunities for its students to have a life of success as well as purpose. With over 30 years of experience in providing distance-learning programs, the SUNY College of Technology at Alfred has evolved to provide real-time feedback to its online students when learning. Among the online learning options at this school is the Bachelor of Science in Human Services Management that teaches basic human resource skills as well as professional ethical standards. After two years of study on campus, students can opt to complete the remaining two years online. When students make the transition to online study, they even have the opportunity to order their textbooks through the school's online portal.

17. Geneva College

As a Christian college located in Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania, Geneva College combines its dedication to faith and educational excellence into its primary strategic objective. In order to ensure that its distance-learning students get the best learning experience, the school keeps its online classes small so students can have better access to their instructors. Online students can enroll in a 120-credit Bachelor of Professional Studies in Human Resources. While the program can generally be completed in just 16 months, assuming students take advantage of the generous transfer policy, an academic advisor can work with students to create a customized degree plan that best suits their needs and goals.

18. Western Carolina University

Western Carolina University has its main campus in Cullowhee, North Carolina. This university is intent on creating engaging education programs for all its students, regardless of whether they're on campus or online. Of its numerous online graduate degree programs, Western Carolina University offers a 36 credit-hour Master of Science in Human Resources that requires its students to complete a work experience to ensure they are fully engaged in their learning and exposed to the field of human resources prior to graduation. Distance learners, including those in this program, have the benefit of being tutored by graduate students or professional tutors through the school's online platform.

19. Stony Brook University

Situated in its namesake town in New York, Stony Brook University takes pride in providing accessible, high-quality academic programs to its students. It's important to this school that its teachers take a student-centered approach when instructing its students using online technology. At Stony Brook, students can pursue a Master of Science in Human Resource Management that consists of 30 credit hours, all of which can be completed online. Stony Brook University also offers helpful resources to its online students such as on-demand webinars focused on topics like research and using online learning technology.

20. Temple University

At 135-years old, Temple University has evolved from a night school to a prestigious institution that aims to produce future leaders. While it has many online students, Temple University has its main campus in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Those who are interested in learning flexibility can pursue part-time or full-time online enrollment in the Master of Science in Human Resource Management. This 30-credit program includes specific topics like business transformation, talent acquisition, and strategic reward systems and can be completed in only 13 months. Students in this program are provided access to phenomenal career services, global networking, and reliable connections with faculty and other students.

21. McKendree University

McKendree University has been tailoring its degree programs for over 40 years to suit busy adults, whether they are learning online or at the campus in Lebanon, Illinois. Those who choose online learning can benefit from personalized attention in classes of no more than 20 students, as well as discounted tuition fees. The university offers two online programs with a human resource management concentration, the Bachelor of Business Administration and Master of Business Administration, both of which feature studies on management and business strategy.

22. Oklahoma Christian University

This educational institution is located in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma and though its basis is a Christian one, it's open to persons of diverse beliefs. At its core, this university wants to prepare its students for a life of faith and leadership. Oklahoma Christian University offers an online Master of Business Administration program with a specialization in Human Resources that includes course topics such as information technology, organizational development, as well as leader effectiveness. The school is focused on ensuring its students are fully prepared, so for those whose undergraduate degree wasn't business-related, the school offers preparatory courses that cover important fundamental business topics like accounting, marketing, and economics.

23. Southern Wesleyan University

Based in Central, South Carolina, Southern Wesleyan University believes in inventive learning that is encouraged and fostered by its team of dedicated teachers. As part of this focus on the learning process, the online Bachelor of Business Administration in Human Resources Management program requires an in-person internship through which students can gain practical experiences in the real world. Those who have already earned their bachelor's and have some work experience under their belt could opt to pursue the MBA in Human Resources or the Master of Science in Management and Leadership in Human Resources. These programs feature quick, affordable 7-week long courses geared toward preparing students for the Professional in Human Resources exam.

24. Limestone College

With options for learning online or at its campus in Gaffney, South Carolina, Limestone College is committed to providing students from diverse backgrounds with access to higher education. In keeping with this mission, the college has been providing online programs to its students through its virtual campus since 2005. One of these programs is the bachelor's degree in Human Resource Management, which includes an internship component where students can gain work experience at a company local to them. Not only does this school seek to provide every opportunity for growth to its students, it also strives to acknowledge any previous education. For example, members of the military who take online programs at this school can transfer credit from their service and military schooling.

25. Upper Iowa University

Upper Iowa University may have over 20 different locations, but its traditional campus is based in Fayette, Iowa. The university has spent years preparing its students for success through its flexible academic programs. With that in mind, persons with an interest in studying human resources online can pursue a Bachelor of Science in Human Resources Management, which is recognized by the Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM). There is also an online Master of Business Administration that has an emphasis on Human Resources Management for those who want a graduate degree. Upper Iowa University strives to ensure its online students have the same assistance as on-campus students, through resources like access to online tutoring.

26. Charleston Southern University

A Christian institution, Charleston Southern University's attitude toward education includes an emphasis on liberal arts, meant to foster a more well-rounded thought process and approach toward communication and problem-solving. At this school, online students can earn a Bachelor of Science or a Master of Science degree in Human Resource Management, or the Master of Business Administration in Human Resource Management. These human resource management programs are focused on instilling humility and honor in the students with the goal of taking these positive character traits into the workforce with them.

27. Fisher College

Located in Boston, Massachusetts, Fisher College believes its students should have a life-changing experience when enrolled in its academic programs. Students at this school can pursue a Bachelor of Science in Human Resource Management that is meant to give them the skills to be successful human resource professionals. Although many bachelor's programs require at least 120 credit hours, this school recognizes the importance of gaining a superb education as quickly and affordably as possible. As such, online students at this school can complete this program with only 105 credits. Fisher College also helps to ensure the learning process is catered to its online students' needs through the creation of a personalized learning experience with the help of advisors.

28. Tarleton State University

While this university has its main campus in Stephenville, Texas, it also has other locations throughout the state. Students here, including those who pursue online studies, tend to consider the school as a community and feel that their professors are invested in their success. Tarleton State University offers a 30-credit Master of Science in Human Resources Management that is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs and can be completed online in a little over a year. The program boasts alignment with the Society for Human Resource Management and even has its own nationally-affiliated chapter that provides fantastic networking and professional development opportunities.

29. William Penn University

William Penn University, located in Oskaloosa, Iowa, wants to celebrate the diversity of its students while providing them with the opportunity to access education from anywhere. The school is so committed to ease of access that students who are enrolled in online programs can even order their textbooks from the school's bookstore and have them delivered as quickly as the next day. The school's Business Administration department offers a Bachelor of Arts in Human Resource Management online. Students in this Society for Human Resource Management-aligned program are equipped and eligible to sit for the SHRM Certified Professional Exam once they've entered their senior year. Graduating from school with this certification can be a great boost start to a quality career.

30. Friends University

Friends University, based in Wichita, Kansas, offers a Global Master of Business Administration with a concentration in Human Resources and a Professional Master of Business of Administration with a Human Resource concentration. As part of the Global MBA program, students must complete a short residency abroad, which ensures even online students are exposed to an international way of thinking and doing business. The Professional MBA is specifically designed for professionals with entrepreneurial goals and requires only 30 hours so its busy students can quickly move forward with their careers. In addition to the time and effort Friends University put into ensuring these curriculums are wholly focused on providing the best and most relevant education possible, the school is dedicated to constantly improving the experience for online students. In fact, it recently completed an upgrade that allows its online students to access the online learning platform through a mobile app.

31. Immaculata University

Immaculata University is a Catholic school that gets its name from its town of residence in Pennsylvania. This school is focused on developing its students as a whole and teaching them to maintain a balance between faith and reasoning. At this school, students can earn an online Bachelor of Science in Human Resource Management in a quick two years and can even take advantage of networking opportunities through their business clubs. To accommodate students who are new to online learning, Immaculata University offers a seminar that covers important elements like taking quizzes and submitting assignments.

32. Campbellsville University

While Campbellsville University has eight other learning locations across the state of Kentucky, its main campus is in its namesake town. This university encourages its students to find their calling through their academic programs. One such academic program is the online 36-credit MBA that has a Human Resource Management concentration. Students pursuing this degree, impressively accredited by the International Accreditation Council for Business Education, can enjoy small online class sizes, and, if they are members of the military, they may even benefit from financial aid or reduced tuition.

33. National University

National University has campus locations spread across California, Virginia, and Nevada, but its headquarters are in La Jolla, California. Its mandate is to provide an education that is not just accessible but achievable, which is demonstrated in its plethora of online options. Going along with this commitment to helping its students complete their degrees easily, it offers an online Master of Arts, Bachelor of Business Administration, and a Master of Business Administration, all of which have Human Resource Management concentrations and incredibly quick, yet thorough, 4-week classes. Members of the military also have some benefits from attending this military-friendly school such as tuition discounts and a veteran center that helps veterans transition into civilian life.

34. Indiana Wesleyan University

Located in Marion, Indiana, Indiana Wesleyan University is a Christian institution that is committed to giving its students the skills they need to thrive in a constantly changing world. Online students have the benefits of small classes and veterans may even be able to transfer credits from their military service. The Bachelor of Science in Management with a Human Resource Management concentration even allows its students to receive credit for past experience and knowledge through its Competency Based Education approach. This excellent program is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs, as are the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration in Human Resource Management and Master of Science in Human Resource Management programs.

35. Colorado Christian University

With a tagline of 'Grace and Truth', it's no surprise that the Colorado Christian University in Lakewood, Colorado is committed to balancing academia with the development of moral character. This school offers a 60-credit Associate of Science in Human Resource Management that covers topics such as business law, organizational behavior, and human resource administration in its small, focused online classes. Its Bachelor of Science in Human Resource Management program has twice as many credit hours and is aligned with the guidelines of the Society for Human Resource Management, ensuring its students receive the most relevant and beneficial HR education possible. The bachelor's program can be completed quickly through 5-week courses that are Higher Learning Commission-accredited and through transferring credits from life experience. Additionally, Colorado Christian University students are given every chance to succeed by having ready access to their instructors through the school's online learning platform.

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