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The Reading Instruction Competence Assessment, or RICA, is an assessment designed to test the reading instruction knowledge and skills of California-trained educator candidates. To pass the RICA, candidates in the Education Specialist Instruction Credential or Multiple Subject Teaching Credential program must earn a passing score on one of two assessments, which are the Written Examination and Video Performance Assessment.

When taking your chosen RICA exam, you will be asked to demonstrate your comprehension of a variety of reading instruction content areas. Our in-depth RICA practice tests can make sure you're more than ready to tackle this content on the day of your exam!

Here are just a few ways our full-length practice tests can enhance your RICA test prep experience:

  • Exam familiarity: Our practice tests feature questions that will familiarize you with the content, style and format of questions found on actual RICA exams.
  • Instant feedback: After completing a practice test, you will receive in-depth diagnostic results that identify and explain your correct answers and highlight any areas of weakness.
  • Study recommendations: Our practice test results link you to entertaining and informative video lessons in our RICA course you can study to strengthen your mastery of exam content.
  • Content knowledge confirmation: Study.com offers hundreds of practice test questions, helping you frequently go over essential exam concepts and confidently confirm your exam content knowledge!

Start your RICA prep process with Study.com by taking our free 15-question practice test, located in our RICA course. This free practice test serves as a mini version of our full-length practice tests, giving you an initial gauge of your understanding of RICA exam topics. When finished with this test, you will receive a brief diagnostic report with study suggestions from our test prep catalog.

Once you've completed the free practice test and signed up with Study.com, you can enjoy all of the benefits of our full-length practice tests and comprehensive RICA course. The course offers dozens of bite-sized video lessons and text transcripts that present exam concepts in a fun and easy to digest manner. Each lesson is paired with a short assessment that effectively checks your comprehension and overall RICA test prep progress. If you need help grasping any lesson topics explored in our course, reach out to our online tutors to get instant assistance!

Along with our practice tests and course, we offer a full suite of informational RICA resources that share pertinent details about the RICA! You'll learn exactly how to register and prepare for the day of the exam and get the gist of what constitutes a RICA passing score. Our in-depth resources also fill you in on the RICA retake policy, test accommodation options, exam costs and how best to study for the exam.

Feel confident that you won't fall behind in your RICA studies by using our custom study planner to stay on track. By sharing your preferred test prep completion date with us, we can send you reminders via email to make sure you stick with your timeline. If you're worried that your busy schedule could hinder your preparations, take advantage of our mobile app. This app makes it easy to squeeze in study time during your breaks from any location with internet access!

It doesn't get any easier than studying for your RICA exam using fun practice tests, video courses and informational resources from Study.com. You don't have to worry about any risks or obligations, so jump right into the RICA prep process by taking our free 15-question practice test today!

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