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Homeschool Curriculum Grades 3-12

Finding the right homeschool curriculum can be a challenge. With, it's easy. Get full access to online curriculum for all subjects, grades 3-12 and beyond. Your child will be able to choose from hundreds of courses, perfect for students studying different subjects at different grade levels.

Homeschool students love learning with our fun, engaging video lessons, created by subject matter experts. And for those who prefer to read, each video has a written transcript.

All lessons are supported by quizzes and each course contains practice tests for students to check their progress. All assessments on are automatically graded and recorded, making progress tracking easy for parents!

With you'll also get access to online support from instructors and flexible scheduling tools. You can even download our free mobile app to learn anytime, anywhere!

Choose a flexible, adaptable curriculum to suit your family's routine, from

Includes access to full homeschool curriculum for grades 3-12. Both 12-month and monthly plans grant the same level of access.

This product includes:
  • Comprehensive course coverage
  • 25,000 lessons tailored to your child's learning style with videos, transcripts, and flashcards
  • Over 750,000 popular homework questions and answers
  • Detailed goal tracking and progress reporting for each course
  • Quizzes and tests are graded automatically
  • On-demand help from expert instructors
  • Certificates of completion is recognized as a leading education platform

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Students love us!

Janine D.
Janine D.

Jake, a 10th grader, and Dylan, a 7th grader, are home schoolers who are balancing their acting and dancing careers with their education, by using They love's engaging videos, written transcripts, quizzes, and study goals features.

Jake and Dylan
Jake and Dylan

Yeah! Your material is very well organized, the layout is great, and all the small features are really helpful. Overall, it's a really great program!

Amy M.

Your service is the best of the best! And it still is improving, from the video/ written lesson to the improved 1-1 question and answer feature your website is great!

Mohamed M.

Clear and precise lessons. I homeschool my daughter and she has enjoyed the lessons in earth science, literature (Of Mice and Men), geometry and social studies.

Frank L.
Teacher - Spring Valley, California

Yes, it is beneficial to have a program that is interactive, with quizzes, and chapter tests, to understand the material.

Audrey R.
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  • Monthly plan auto-renews, unless canceled