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The Test Assessing Secondary Completion (TASC) is a great option for those living in participating states who aspire to earn a high school equivalency diploma. The content on the TASC reflects today's common core-aligned materials, so passing the test will show colleges and future employers that you've received a comprehensive education that's in line with the educational standards set by your state. For such a high-stakes test, many choose to prepare for the exam with study materials, like prep courses and practice tests. If you're looking for top-quality prep materials, our TASC study guides not only include complete reviews of everything you need to know to pass, but the opportunity to practice and reinforce subject material with our TASC practice tests!

Developed by our TASC subject experts, our practice tests will assess your knowledge of key information on the test. Our TASC practice tests will help you become familiar with the not only the content of the exam, but also the format, since they're designed to match what you'll see on the real thing! Unlike other practice tests, you can take ours as often as you'd like. We'll even generate new questions each time! With our online practice tests available 24/7, you can test yourself anytime, anywhere!

In fact, all the tools and materials in our TASC study guides are accessible from an internet-connected computer or a mobile device; we even have a Study.com app to make studying on-the-go even easier! To help keep you organized, we also offer a suite of custom scheduling tools that let you set the pace. Pick your own start and end dates and design a timetable that works for you-we can even send reminders, so you'll never miss a beat!

And if you're looking to dive deep into the content of the exam, try the fast and fun video lessons in our TASC prep courses. These courses include expert-made video lessons that will teach you all the important information covered on the exam. At the end of each lesson, simply take the short lesson quiz or comprehensive section test to check your how well you understood the material.

Along with our TASC prep courses, we also provide a library of important TASC resources to help answer any questions you may have about the test. Prepare yourself for a successful and stress-free test day by learning about TASC registration and fees, testing policies, accommodations and retake procedures, scoring and more!

Ready to get started? Take our free 15-question practice test! The free practice test will give you a feel for the content and style of the exam. After finishing the test, you'll instantly receive a diagnosis on your knowledge of TASC material, pointing out your strong and weak points, plus our study recommendations. There's absolutely no obligation to join, so try a risk-free sample practice test today!

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