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The TASC (Test Assessing Secondary Completion) is a high school equivalency exam emerging as an alternative to the GED. Learn where you can take the exam and discover some resources that can help you prepare for it.

What is the TASC Test?

The Test Assessing Secondary Completion (TASC) is a high school equivalency exam that reflects changing educational standards and goals. Read on to learn important facts and information about the TASC.

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Check out this informative article to learn about how the Test Assessing Secondary Completion (TASC) is scored as well as how you can prepare to do your best.

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There are many resources that are available to help you do your best on the TASC. Check out this article to learn how you can begin your TASC review, and keep your studies effective and interesting.

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Are you preparing to take the Test Assessing Secondary Completion (TASC)? Get started by reviewing how to schedule, register and prepare for your test.

The TASC (Test Assessing Secondary Completion) is a high school equivalency exam emerging as an alternative to the GED. Learn where you can take the exam and discover some resources that can help you prepare for it.

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Passing the Test Assessing Secondary Completion (TASC) is one way for high schoolers and adults to earn a high school equivalency diploma and show colleges and employers that they have received a complete education that's aligned with today's common core standards. It's currently offered in fifteen states and covers five subjects: Mathematics, Reading, Writing, Science and Social Studies. At Study.com, we provide a comprehensive package to prepare you for every aspect of the TASC; you'll find everything you need to get ready for test day right here in our TASC study guides!

Are you considering taking the TASC? Wondering what it's all about and what it can do for you and your future? Our TASC resources (included with our TASC study guides) include important information on the test that will help you make your testing decisions while clearing up any questions you may have about it. Any time, anywhere you have access to your computer or mobile device, you can find practical information on the TASC, such as how to register and pay for the test, what to do if you need accommodations or a retake, how the test is scored and more. We also include invaluable study tips and things you can do to get yourself into gear for test day!

Of course, one of those things you need to do is study! And you'll find all the resources you need right here in our TASC study guides. No matter which TASC subject you need to review (or even if you need to review all five), our study guides contain only the most current TASC-aligned content that you'll encounter on your exam. Use our customizable study scheduling tools to decide when and how you want to study, then work through the quick and fun video lessons presented in our TASC courses at your own pace. Each lesson comes with its own self-assessed quiz that will help you stay on track with the material. After you have finished with the course, it's time to put your knowledge to the test-with our TASC practice tests, that is! Our practice tests are randomly generated from a pool of questions that cover everything you've learned while mimicking the format and style of questions you'll see on the real thing! Best of all, our study guides are 100% online, meaning you can study whenever and wherever you want, whether you're settling in for a long night at home on the computer or just looking for a quick refresher on the go with our mobile app!

With our comprehensive prep courses, flexible scheduling and informational resources at your fingertips, we think you'll love preparing for the TASC with a Study.com study guide. There's even a money-back guarantee if you aren't totally satisfied! Get preview of everything we have to offer with one of our 15-question practice tests! We'll provide instant feedback on your knowledge of TASC material, including your strengths and weaknesses. It's a great way to figure out where you need to start your studies and there's no obligation to join!

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