How to Improve Student Reading Comprehension

Reading Comprehension Strategies & Resources

Reading is a key factor in any student's motivation to learn and ability to make progress. When students become confident readers, they open up pathways to greater success in all subjects. Accelerate your students' learning with our reading comprehension hub packed with games, worksheets and strategies designed to help them to develop the reading skills they need across the curriculum.

The resources here are designed to provide a scaffolded approach to reading, enabling students to dig beneath the surface of a text to reveal the layers of meaning beneath. Reading should be fun for students, and games for different grades and levels assist them in developing a lasting love and joy of reading.

Whether you need a short text for your elementary students to work on their reading comprehension, ideas for games to use with ESL learners or a series of guided reading passages, you can find the resources you need here. Print quizzes and worksheets as part of your lesson plan, or share them with your students to complete on their own.

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