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Study.com offers TExES practice tests to identify your areas of strength and weakness

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If you're studying for a TExES exam, you know that these tests are not easy. Each exam covers a broad range of topics in great depth. For prospective teachers to pass these exams, they must know what topics to expect on their test and have complete mastery of those topics. Study.com's TExES practice tests are the best way to study for these difficult exams; with Study.com you can study with confidence that you are learning everything you will need to know to pass.

Study.com offers practice tests for 39 TExES exams. These tests are designed by our subject-matter experts to prepare you for the content that you will face on the actual exams. Our extensive library of practice questions is custom built to prepare you to answer any question on your actual test with confidence. Each of our practice exams is followed by an in-depth diagnostic report to show you which topics you've mastered and which you need to revisit before your exam. With our vast library of practice tests, it's easy to track your progress towards mastery over time!

We're so confident that you'll love our practice tests that we are offering free 15 question practice tests for each exam we cover: no signup required! These free practice tests are designed by our subject-matter experts to match the content, tone, and structure of questions from the actual exams. Just like our full practice tests, these free assessments are followed by an in-depth diagnostic report to give you a sense of where you performed well and where you have room to improve, so you'll know exactly what you need to study. We'll even point you towards TExES resources to help you master those topics.

In addition to our TExES practice tests, we offer full-length TExES study guides for these exams. You can work through the whole course, covering all the material that you'll see on your exams. Alternatively, you can use your diagnostic results to pinpoint those areas that you need the most practice on, and focus your studying specifically on those topics. Our bite-sized video lessons make studying fun, and are great for both broad and focused studying. Members also receive access to our personalized study schedules; you can set your test date and build your schedule to help you keep track of when and what to study. You'll even receive email reminders to keep you accountable!

If you are studying for the TExMaT, we have study materials for five TExMaT exams in mathematics, science, and reading. We offer free 15 question practice tests, as well as study courses and full practice exams for Study.com members.

With Study.com you will have the most complete and highest quality study resources available for your TExES and TExMaT prep; start your journey to TExES certification today with one of our free practice tests!

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