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What Are the TExES Exams?

Teachers seeking certification to teach in public or charter schools in Texas must pass TExES exams. Read on to learn about the TExES exams: elligibility, test logistics, and how to prepare.

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TExES Exams & Certification Areas

This article looks at what the TExES tests are used for and the education professionals required to take them. It also breaks down the focus of subject-area and grade-level TExES tests and provides you with a list of study resources.

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Study.com TExES Scholarship: Application Form & Information

Study.com is proud to announce three scholarships for teachers taking the TExES tests in order to become certified teachers in Texas.

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TExES Test Dates

TExES test dates are available year round for most exams. Learn more about available test dates for different exams and get info on registration. You'll also find study resources you can use to prepare for the exam.

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TExES Resources

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What are TExES Exams?

The Texas Examinations of Educator Standards (TExES) cover an enormous area in terms of student age, subject matter, and career area. If you don't know where to start, just looking at the list of TExES exams can be overwhelming. You can find TExES exams for everyone from School Counselors to Superintendents, and every grade and subject from Early Childhood Special Education to High School Science.

And that's just for the subjects starting with the letter "S"!

TExES Information Resources

Luckily for TExES test takers, Study.com has created this TExES resource guide. Here, you can learn about the more than 50 TExES exams identified by subject, grade level, and test number. We have more than two dozen resource articles. You can learn about everything from the cost of the exam to the retake policy.

We've got you covered from the time you start thinking about taking a TExES test all the way up until the moment you open your score report on the TEA website and discover that you passed with the help of Study.com. We have even created three financial scholarships to support applicants planning on taking a TExES exam by April 1st, 2019. Apply now!

TExES Tips and Strategies

Study.com also has the TExES test tips you need. We will share the TExES strategies that will help you pass the test and achieve your goal of becoming an educator in the state of Texas.

On Study.com you can learn about the structure of your specific TExES test. For example, we'll tell you that 20% of that High School Science test is about physics, 8% is about heredity and evolution, and only 5% is about science instruction and assessment (Don't worry, we know all about the remaining 67% of the test, as well.) On test day, you will definitely want to be prepared for things like specific TExES question formats and the threshold for passing scores. With Study.com, you will feel confident on test day that you have all the information you need to pass your TExES exam.

TExES Study Guides

Study.com has expertly-designed TExES study guides to teach you exactly what you need to know to pass the test. Study.com resources like 5-10 minute video lessons, practice tests, and a personalized study schedule tool will make it easy for you to get a passing TExES score. We guarantee that using Study.com TExES prep will result in a passing score, or we'll refund your money.

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