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Study.com is proud to offer three Virginia Communication and Literacy Assessment (VCLA) scholarships for prospective teachers and educators.

What is the VCLA Test?

Aspiring teachers in the state of Virginia must take the VCLA as part of their certification testing requirements. This article explores what the VCLA is, what the test objectives are, what's covered on the test and other VCLA test information.

VCLA Test Score Information

This article explains the scores required to pass the VCLA, as well as how test-takers can receive their test scores. The information provided on a score report, the VCLA rescoring policy and study materials are also explored here.

How to Register for the VCLA Test

An online registration system makes it possible for individuals to schedule their VCLA exams at times, dates and locations that are ideal for them. Learn how to set up an account and register for the VCLA exam.

VCLA Test Dates & Testing Site Information

Before you can schedule your VCLA test, you need to find a test site that has space available. There are resources online that will help you locate test sites close to you and find out when there is space to take the VCLA exam.

Study.com is proud to offer three Virginia Communication and Literacy Assessment (VCLA) scholarships for prospective teachers and educators.

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Are you a prospective educator in the state of Virginia preparing for your initial teaching license? If so, part of the process is passing the Virginia Communication and Literacy Assessment (VCLA). To help you prepare, Study.com provides all the information you need to feel confident about taking the VCLA and passing it with ease. Our informational resources contain details about the logistics, format, content, and scoring of the exam. We help take the guesswork and stress out of preparing for the VCLA, so you can focus on studying the test material.

Our VCLA resources provide the crucial test-taking information you'll need before and after the exam. For example, you'll learn about the structure of the exam, such as the quantity and specific types of questions you'll be asked. You'll also learn how to register for the exam, different ways to prepare for test day, how much the exam costs, and the various policies regarding test accommodation and retaking the exam. The resources even break down how the reading and writing subtests of the VCLA exam are scored, so you'll have a better understanding of which areas you should spend the most time studying. We're confident that using these resources will boost your confidence on test day and get you closer to achieving your career goals!

Once you better understand testing structure and logistics, try our comprehensive VCLA study guides to prep for the test. These study guides give you full access to all of our VCLA courses. These courses include compact video lessons and practice tests to help you prepare for the exam. All these lessons also include a full transcript, so you can choose your method of learning. Study.com also gives you access to practice tests are designed to closely mimic the format of the questions on the actual exam. To get started, take advantage of our free 15-question VCLA practice test that provides an in-depth test analysis to pinpoint the topics to study first for an efficient approach to studying.

Signing up for a Study.com membership will give you access to all our VCLA study guides. You will also have exclusive access to additional practice test questions to help prepare you for the exam. In addition to all of that, Study.com's Goals tool can help you build a custom study schedule to ensure you are studying specific material in time for the exam.

Preparing for the VCLA has never been easier. Start your test prep experience with Study.com's free 15-question VCLA practice test.

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