Degree Field: Legal and Law Enforcement Videos

Court Reporter and Stenographer Video: Career Options and Educational Requirements

A court stenographer is responsible for court reporting, either by typing, transcribing or voice writing. A stenographer must keep accurate legal records of court proceedings and other such...

Criminal Justice Professions Video: Career Options for a Degree in Criminal Justice

Careers in law enforcement are among the most important in society. Police, detectives, corrections personnel and probation and parole officers contribute to the safety and welfare of the...

Criminal Psychology Professions Video: Educational Requirements and Career Options

Criminal psychology professions are growing in prevalence and popularity. Recent high school graduates are often drawn toward police, forensic science and other law enforcement careers by the...

Emergency Dispatcher Video: Training Requirements and Career Options

Emergency dispatchers work to coordinate the arrival of first responders, such as police officers or fire fighters. Emergency dispatcher titles include 911dispatcher or police dispatcher. These...

Firefighter and First Responder Career Video

Fire fighting is a tough, yet rewarding career reserved for motivated individuals. This video provides an introduction to the career of fire fighters (traditionally referred to simply as firemen.)

Fish and Game Warden Video: Career Overview and Educational Requirements

Fish and game wardens are in charge of upholding a state's laws regarding forestry, wildlife and conservation. They are similar to police officers, but emphasize environmental management over the...

Forensic Science Professions Video: Educational Requirements for a Career in Forensics

Once an under-appreciated field, forensic science is today the stuff of primetime television dramas. Perhaps due to this recent exposure, crime scene investigation and crime lab technician...

Justice of the Peace Career Video: Becoming a Judicial Officer

A justice of the peace is a type of judge who presides over courts that try misdemeanor and small civil cases. A justice of the peace need not be a lawyer, but having a law degree can provide...

Law Enforcement Career Video: Becoming a Law Enforcement Professional

A police officer is typically one who is thought of when talking about law enforcement professionals. These professionals can be found working in the criminal justice system, sometimes as a parole,...

Law Professions Video: Popular Fields of Law to Practice

As a lawyer, there are many legal areas that one can practice or specialize in. Some of these areas may include immigration law, corporate law, or even environmental law. Additional training and...

Medical Examiner and Coroner Professions Video: Training and Educational Requirements

On television and in movies, coroners and medical examiners are often portrayed as a small part of the forensic science process. They are usually shown providing assistance to police officers. In...

Paralegal Studies Career Video: Becoming a Paralegal

Paralegals, sometimes known as legal assistants or legal secretaries, assist lawyers in legal offices. Though paralegals perform many functions related to the law, they are not allowed to practice...

Parole and Probation Officer Professions Video: Career Options

Probation officers work within the criminal justice system, monitoring offenders to make sure they do not commit new crimes. Similar positions include correction officer and juvenile corrections...

Police Officer Video: Educational Requirements for a Career in Law Enforcement

A career in law enforcement is one of the best ways to make a difference in your community. A police officer, sheriff or peace officer enforces the law by investigating crimes and arresting...

Political Science Degree Program and Career Video

Bachelor degrees in Political Science, like many other degrees, provide a well-rounded, liberal arts education, in addition to courses taught about politics and law. If you are interested in...

Security Guard Video: Training Requirements for a Career as a Security Officer

Security guards, also called security officers, perform an important function. They provide protection and public safety for our property, belongings, money, and even people. They police locations,...

Social Worker Video: Career Options in Social Work

Social workers typically have a background in sociology or social science. They can be classified as a victim advocate, a LCSW (licensed clinical social worker) or a general social worker who...

Substance Abuse Counselor: Training Requirements and Career Options

Learn about the education and preparation needed to become a substance abuse counselor. Get a quick view of the requirements as well as details about schooling, job duties and licenses to find out...

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    • MS in Criminal Justice
    • MS in Homeland Security and Emergency Management
    • BS in Criminal Justice - Law Enforcement
    • BS in Corrections
    • BS in Criminal Justice
    • BS in Criminal Justice - Homeland Security
    • BS in Criminal Justice - Juvenile Justice
    • BS in Criminal Justice - Crime Scene Investigation
    • AAS in Criminal Justice
    • AAS in Public Safety and Security
    • AAS in Criminal Justice and Criminology

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    • Master of Arts in Law - Criminal Justice
    • Master of Arts in Law - National Security
    • Master of Public Administration - Emergency Management and Homeland Security
    • Master of Arts in Law - Mediation
    • Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice - Law Enforcement
    • Bachelor of Arts in Leadership Studies - Criminal Justice
    • Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice
    • Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice - Corrections
    • Bachelor of Science in Professional Studies - Criminal Justice
    • Bachelor of Science in Paralegal Studies

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  • What is your highest level of education completed?

    • Diploma in Law Enforcement Foundations

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