Arts and Crafts Classes Video: Learning Pottery, Stained Glass, Painting and Sculpting

Arts and Crafts Classes Video: Learning Pottery, Stained Glass, Painting and Sculpting Transcript

Are you a creative person with a desire to express yourself through visual media? If so a career as a craft artist may be right for you. Craft artists specialize in a wide variety of disciplines ranging from painting and pottery to sculpture and glasswork. Most of these artists may draw, sketch and sculpt in creating attractive works for the home and other environments. Others work with oil paints, watercolors, clay and glass to create objects that may be as functional as they are appealing.


Craft artists create paintings, sculptures, ceramics, glassware and other artworks for exhibition or sale. These individuals may work in a wide range of formats or specialize in a particular arts discipline. For this reason finished products of craft artists can vary significantly. Often, though, the intention is to create objects that have a specific purpose, such as in the case of furniture, dishware, rugs and other household items. However, there are some craft artists who specialize in making jewelry, paper arts, knick-knacks and more decorative accoutrements. Often craft artists are self-employed and earn their livelihood through sales at arts fairs, craft shows and other retail outlets.

Typical Coursework

Many postsecondary institutions offer programs in the arts. While the majority of students elect to pursue a bachelor's degree, associate programs are also available at a large number of institutions. Students interested in craft arts may be trained to manipulate materials including clay, glass, wood, metal, paper and textiles. Degree programs often incorporate studies in both the classroom and studio. Classroom instruction typically focuses on art theories and techniques. These methods are then applied in the studio where students develop individual styles. It's in this setting that students are also trained to use kilns, molding devices, power tools and other equipment helpful in the creation of artworks. While schooling in fine-arts techniques is often not required, many choose to take courses in painting, drawing and other disciplines to add depth to their work. Because craft artists are often self-employed, many schools also offer entrepreneurship and business courses.

Job Prospects

The workday for a self-employed craft artist largely consists of creating ceramics, furniture, textiles, glassware and other works of art in a studio setting. Some of these professionals also display finished pieces in their studios so that their work area doubles as retail space. Craft artists may also sell work to other retailers or participate in regional arts and crafts shows. Establishing a strong professional reputation is often important for these individuals, as those in highest demand may be commissioned for special works. In addition to making art, some craft artists also serve as teachers in school and community education settings. A limited number of these professionals are employed in museums and other art institutions.


Those suited for careers as craft artists are generally creative and enjoy working with their hands. They are also passionate about their work, often forgoing aspirations in the professional world to follow individual pursuits. The field can be quite competitive given the large number of artists who are producing work. Those discovering their own niche, however, are often able to count on strong support from the public and arts community.


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