Autobody Repair Professions Video: Career Options and Training Requirements

Autobody Repair Professions Video: Career Options and Training Requirements Transcript

Are you into cars, trucks and other motor vehicles? If so a career as an autobody repair technician may be right for you. Autobody repair technicians have expertise in car painting, automotive repair and collision renovation. These professionals are in high demand due to the increasing number of road accidents.


Autobody repair technicians are responsible for the maintenance of cars, trucks, motorcycles and other passenger vehicles. These professionals typically work on automobiles that have been damaged in accidents on the road. It's their job to get vehicles looking and operating like new. This may involve removing dents, replacing destroyed parts, painting and other exterior treatments. Seriously damaged vehicles may require more substantive repairs, including frame realignment, brake adjustment and electronics refurbishment.

Job Skills and Duties

The job of autobody repair technicians begins with establishing the extent to which a vehicle has been damaged. Dents and scratches are very common. Headlights, windows, bumpers, body panels, and other parts often require replacement as well. The job can be significantly more intensive for seriously damaged vehicles and involve internal repairs. For example, cars in severe collisions may require frame realignment so that they are restored to factory specifications. Repairs to a vehicle's mechanical systems may also be required as a result of damage sustained in an accident (for example, braking and coolant systems). These refurbishments may be performed by autobody repair professionals with relevant experience or another automotive technician on staff.

Training Required

While autobody repair careers are accessible to high school graduates without a degree, most employers now prefer that applicants have technical training from a postsecondary institution. This training can be obtained through an associate degree program at a trade school or community college. Instruction in these environments entails study of collision repair and refinishing methods. Students learn techniques in sheet metal repair, frame alignment, glass installation and painting. Curricula also covers the internal vehicle operations most commonly affected by accidents, including brake, heating, air conditioning and suspension systems. Hands-on training is very important in autobody repair programs with much of the instruction occurring in shop settings where students can hone their skills. The annual release of new models from automobile manufacturers also makes continuing education important.

Well Known Jobs Within this Field of Expertise

Autobody repair professionals may work on all types of vehicles. Most of these technicians work in auto shop settings where they work on cars and trucks involved in passenger collisions. Relatively fewer specialize in the repair of buses, semi trucks, construction equipment and other large vehicles. Advanced technological features in today's vehicles have led to a trend in which autobody professionals perform specialized tasks among a team of repairers. For example, one technician may employ refinishing methods while another is responsible for frame realignment. Still others may be skilled in the repair of internal mechanical systems affected by accidents. Staff limitations in smaller shops may not allow for this specialization and require technicians with a full set of automotive repair skills.


Careers in autobody repair are generally well suited for those who are mechanically inclined and enjoy working with their hands. A passion for automotive technology is also important as continuing education on new vehicle models is vital toward performance. With many dynamic positions opening up annually in the field, autobody repair is a good option for recent graduates interested in promptly entering the workforce.


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