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Automotive Engineering Video: Becoming an Automotive Engineer Transcript

Do you have a love for cars, trucks, motorcycles and other vehicles? Automotive engineering careers allow you to put your passion into practice. Professionals in this field are involved in car design, diesel technology and all other aspects of automobile development. There are many programs in automotive design across the nation, which means that educational opportunities are probably available near you.


Automotive engineers are involved in the design and manufacture of motor vehicles. Their work generally pertains to new models of cars, trucks, motorcycles and other passenger vehicles. These professionals have very specialized skills and work on one aspect of vehicle development. One team of automobile engineers may, for example, be responsible for developing a vehicle's safety systems while another focuses on enhancing engine performance. Similarly the phases at which these professionals are involved can vary. Some automobile engineers are primarily involved in the design of vehicles and less so with their actual manufacture. Others focus exclusively on parts fabrication and making design models come to life in the real world.

Typical Coursework

Automotive engineering programs provide students with a foundation of knowledge and experience that can be used in the development of vehicles. These programs provide training in vehicles' mechanical, hydraulic, electronic and other systems. While degrees vary in terms of the technical specializations that are offered, virtually all programs provide a big picture view of the automobile industry. Students learn how their contributions on a given vehicle system fits within the complete design and manufacture process. Hands-on training is very important in automotive engineering programs with much of the curriculum revolving around lab testing and experimentation. Degrees are often concluded only after students have participated in internship programs where they put what they have learned to use in real-world settings.

Job Prospects

Despite recent declines, the automotive industry remains one of the nation's largest employers. Automotive engineering plays an important role toward the industry's continued vitality. Consumers habitually consider performance, gas mileage, safety ratings and other design features in their buying decisions. Automotive engineers are on the forefront of innovating these features. Their roles may vary significantly, from professionals responsible for designing the exterior of new models to those focused entirely on braking systems. The stages at which these professionals are involved can range from conceptualization to manufacture to testing.

Higher Learning/Graduate Opportunities

Many pursuing automotive engineering careers complete bachelor's degree programs. Graduate studies, however, are also widely available throughout the United States. These programs may be independent degrees or designated as part of a school's engineering department. Coursework in advanced automotive engineering programs generally entails in-depth study of automotive systems. Often more intensive requirements are also required in lab settings. For those who are interested in automotive engineering but ambivalent about long-term education commitments, associate programs are also widely available at trade schools and community colleges.


Automotive engineering is a field offering many dynamic career opportunities. Those who purse this work are passionate about vehicles and their design. Given the stakes involved in protecting human life, it's imperative that these professionals be thoroughly knowledgeable about automobile systems and have a strong commitment to safety in performing their work.


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