Considerations for Getting Your MBA Video

Considerations for Getting Your MBA Video Transcript

There are many important considerations to make when getting your MBA. Watching this video will walk you through many of these, such as the required time commitments for your courses, how to make the most out of your MBA degree, how to choose the right school, and what the MBA degree program is like.

  1. Making the Most Out of Your MBA Program
    • If you decide you want an MBA, really go for it. Get into the most prestigious school you can. You should obtain the highest GMAT scores possible. Higher ranking schools have more connected alumni networks.
    • Schools want to see several years of business related experience. This could be in consulting, running your own startup or anything like that.
  2. What the MBA Program Is Like
    • You have to do a lot of number crunching. Many MBA courses are quantitative and mathematical. You also should look for programs where professors have business experience or those currently working in business consulting.
    • A part time MBA program allows you to keep earning a living. You can also use MBA work to help get an internal promotion. Some companies also have tuition reimbursement in whole or in part.
  3. Required Commitment to the MBA Program
    • You will barely see your friends and family. This is especially true when working in a part time MBA program while you work a full time job.
    • You will need to complete a summer internship in the field of MBA study that you'll be working in, which will be difficult. It is sometimes possible to do this through a move within your current company. You can also use the MBA learning to help move you into a more desirable position.

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