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The creative writing field offers many job opportunities. Novelists, journalists and other writers can all be considered creative writing professionals. As a creative writer, an individual has the opportunity to create fiction pieces that interest them or pieces and articles that hone in on a specific subject or industry.


There are many different professions within the area of creative writing. Journalists, novelists, copywriters and freelance writers can all be considered a part of this profession. Creative writing professionals can write for newspapers, magazines, books, advertisements, television or movies. It is an area that offers a variety of positions, flexibility in hours and use of one's creativity.

Job Duties and Skills

A creative writer will write content for anything from books to ads to movie scripts. Job duties may include interviewing subjects, researching topics and editing content. Creative writers must have excellent grammar and vocabulary. They must also be familiar with electronic publishing, the web and graphic design. Creative writers may even find themselves writing the same piece for a variety of mediums such as web and print, and must have skills to do both. As the name indicates, creative writers should be creative and have a sense of what their audience will enjoy reading.

Training Required

Although a degree is not absolutely necessary to work as a creative writer, it can help professionals secure certain positions in the field. Most writers will need a bachelor's degree in a field such as journalism, English, or communications. Employers may also hire individuals with a broad liberal arts background. Advanced degrees are helpful, but many times writers will advance in the field by taking on more complex projects or by establishing a following of readers and a track record for publishing great work. Creative writers must also be familiar with advances in technology such as electronic publishing and graphic design.

Career Opportunities

Career opportunities for creative writers are plentiful. Some may wish to work as a journalist, magazine or news writer. Others may wish to work on the web through blogging, social media or online publications. And yet others may establish themselves as a freelance writer, taking on a variety of writing assignments. Technology advances and use of computers makes this field of work flexible in terms of hours and location. Many writers are able to work from home or on the road because of wireless technology and laptop computers.


Creative writing is a profession with room for growth, flexibility, and a variety of job positions. Writers can work in a home office, on the road, for a large corporation or a small town newspaper. Creative writers can come from a variety of backgrounds and training as well--anything from a high school degree to a broad liberal arts degree. It is a profession that lends itself to many opportunities for those who enjoy writing.


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