Driving Instructor Video: Becoming a Driver's Instructor

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The United States is a nation of drivers. The country's huge scale and limited mass transit options, especially in rural areas, make driving an important part of life. Car driving and truck driving are essential means by which to work and socialize with friends and family. Not only that, commercial driving is crucial in the distribution of goods and the overall economic vitality of the nation. As a result, there is an ever-present need for driving instructors to prepare individuals for the life of the road.


Driving instructors educate students who are new to the road on how to drive safely and within the limits of the law. These professionals provide instruction both in classrooms and vehicles. Classes cover safety, traffic law and other road-related topics. Lessons generally precede behind-the-wheel training. In the latter stages of driving classes, instruction occurs primarily on the road. It's the responsibility of instructors to ensure that students obey laws and exhibit safe motoring habits. Driving instructors work frequently with high school students who have become eligible to drive passenger cars and trucks. Other instructors teach future truck drivers who are trying to earn a commercial driver's license.

Typical Coursework

The requirements for becoming a driving instructor are not especially rigorous, particularly for those teaching in passenger vehicles. Generally speaking, a high school diploma is sufficient in terms of formal schooling. Instructors, for obvious reasons, are also required to have a driver's license from the state in which they would like to teach. Prior to actually providing instruction, many states require that instructors complete a short class toward licensure. While similar in philosophy, becoming a commercial driving instructor is often more intensive. Part of this is due to the fact that commercial trucking involves larger vehicles and is governed by complex regulations.

Job Prospects

Driving is an important part of American life, and there is a steady need for instructors to prepare individuals for the road. Most of these professionals work at private and state driving schools located throughout the nation, with significantly fewer being self-employed. Instructors may enjoy a flexible schedule on account of staggered lesson times. While not as lucrative as other, more high-profile careers, driving instructors can earn a healthy living given current demand.


People who become driving instructors generally enjoy spending a lot of time on the road. The job can be very rewarding, though it is not without moments of frustration. Student drivers are prone to road mistakes and errors in judgment which make patience an important attribute. Those who are able to handle these proverbial bumps in the road, however, should enjoy a positive job outlook with steady growth.




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