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If you are concerned about the conservation and proper use of our natural resources, you may want to work in the field of environmental management. Environmental managers work at protecting the environment and making sure that the use of water, air, forestry, wildlife, energy and other natural resources is handled responsibly.


Environmental management involves the protection and conservation of our natural resources. This includes the management of water, air quality, soil, energy, coastlands, forests and river basins and the disposal of solid, hazardous and toxic waste. This is an ongoing process that seeks to preserve a balance between the use and preservation of natural resources. Environmental managers, in particular, come up with and implement plans to develop resources while addressing conservation concerns. Environmental management is not about managing the environment itself. Rather it is about how we manage our interaction with the environment in a responsible manner.

Job Skills and Duties

Managers in this field must have a working knowledge of biology, chemistry, geography, geology, the social sciences and other related fields. They also need to have the ability to evaluate the ethical, social, civic, cultural and political issues that surround environmental management. They should be able to communicate scientific principles, understand current guiding regulations and develop inclusive environmental management strategies. They also need to be up to date with current environmental technologies. Strong communication, critical-thinking and problem solving skills are essential as well.

Training Required

A career in environmental management requires a minimum of a bachelor's degree. A master's degree is often preferred and is, for many positions, a requirement. Some positions, such as environmental engineer, whose services are offered to the public, must be licensed.

Well Known Jobs Within this Field of Expertise

People who work in the field of environmental management often work for government agencies like the Environmental Protection Agency, doing reserach and making sure that regulations are being followed. They also work for companies, making sure that a business is in compliance with government environmental regulations. Positions in the field include environmental managers and engineers, conservation managers, environmental analysts, environmental policy managers, environmental scientists and other positions.


With global warning and other concerns affecting our environment, the importance of environmental management is larger than ever. Therefore, the need for professionals in the field continues to be vital. Environmental managers bear the responsibility of making sure that a healthy balance is continually achieved between the environment and how we, as a global society, impact it.

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