Graphic Design Professions Video: Options for a Career in the Graphical Arts

Graphic Design Professions Video: Options for a Career in the Graphical Arts Transcript

A career in graphic arts can encompass many areas, including visual communications and multimedia. Graphic design is an area of graphic communication that utilizes one's creative senses to design images and symbols for visual representation. It is an area that can be found in a variety of industries, such as marketing, advertising, print, broadcast and the Web.


A career in graphical arts can lead to a variety of positions in many different fields of work. Those in the graphic arts industry focus on communicating visually through creative methods of design. Graphic designers may use visual arts, typography, or concepts in multimedia to relay their messages. Most graphic designers can be found working in areas such as marketing, advertising, print publications, product packaging, the Web and broadcast or film media.

Job Duties and Skills

Graphic designers need to be well-versed in a variety of design software packages for computers. They use these programs to create design concepts, elements, layouts and graphics for individual projects. Designers should have a good sense of color, sound and graphics coordination in order to design a pleasing end-product for their employer or client. Skills in animation and drawing are also needed in this field. Knowledge of the printing and publishing industry is essential. Graphic designs often work with copywriters, editors and creative director on projects.

Training Required

Graphic designers at the entry level most often need a bachelor's degree. In some cases an associate's degree or on the job training is acceptable for more technical positions, such as animators or those working on the Web. Areas of study for a bachelor's degree may include fine arts, graphic design, visual arts or mass communications. A background in liberal arts will also be helpful. Subjects such as marketing, business and writing can aid a designer who will be working with other professionals in the field. Specific technical training for designers can also be obtained through certificate programs and associate degree programs at community colleges or technical schools. Constant updating of skills and consumer trends are important in this field of work.

Career Opportunities

There are a variety of positions in the area of graphic design. Some of these can include: production artist, art director, advertising associate, or film animator. A good percentage of those working in graphic design are self-employed or take on freelance assignments in addition to their day jobs. Graphic designers can be found in advertising firms, publishing companies, marketing companies or any organization that has these types of departments within its business. Many graphic designers tend to specialize in an area of two such as advertising, printing, newspapers and magazines or computer graphics and animation. When looking for jobs in the field, it is important to have a portfolio of work to show prospective employers. Your portfolio will demonstrate your best abilities and give potential employers a chance to look at what your skills are.


The field of graphic design may lend itself to a variety of positions and areas of expertise. Graphic designers must have the ability to work independently and at times, under tight deadlines. They need to be able to budget their time wisely, communicate effectively with clients, and bring new creative ideas to their work. Keeping up with consumer trends and evolving design trends and techniques is also key.


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