How Many Schools Should I Apply To Video

How Many Schools Should I Apply To Video Transcript

Students will learn the difference between safety, target and reach schools when applying for college admissions. This video will also teach students how many universities in each of these three categories are recommended when deciding which schools to apply for.

How Many Schools to Apply to Video Overview

  1. Common Application
    • How many schools to apply to is one of the most frequently asked questions of guidance counselors during the college application process.
    • With the popularity of the Common Application, which is used by about 200 schools in the United States, it is less work for students to apply to more schools than it used to be.
  2. How Many Schools?
    • It is advisable to apply to nine or ten schools.
    • You should apply to three safety schools, which are schools where you have a good shot of being admitted.
    • Then you should apply to three target schools where you have a pretty good chance of getting in and you would like to attend.
    • It is also advisable to apply to three reach schools. These are your dream schools that are harder to get accepted by but you think you may have a shot at. It is worthwhile to apply to these schools because you never know, you may get in!

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