How to Perform Your Best in a Job Interview Video

How to Perform Your Best in a Job Interview Video Transcript

It is important to identify what you don't do well in order to perform best in a job interview. Watching this video will help you identify the most common issues, habits and things you may not like that, when corrected, will help you perform best in a job interview.

  1. Providing Answers to Job Interview Questions
    • Many applicants provide answers that are too long or too short in a job interview. This is a common issue that you and many applicants may run into.
    • You can correct this by practicing your answers and recording them on audio or video. You will find that you can determine how much longer or shorter your answers should be. Modify them accordingly.
  2. Low Energy Performance at Your Job Interview
    • Many applicants find, as you may have, that they have low energy or feel reserved when they arrive for their job interview. This is a common factor impairing your best performance.
    • You can correct this by starting to talk in the car or anywhere else on your way to the job interview. This ensures you are not starting the interview at a zero energy point.
  3. Nervous Habits in Voice or Body Movement
    • A common thing that applicants may have or continue to experience is nervous habits in their voice and body during a job interview. While these can impair your performance, they can be corrected.
    • Have an observer when you rehearse the interview. This will help you become physically aware of what nervous habits you have so you can correct them. For example, if you have nervous movements with your hands, you can fold them in your lap. Nervous speech habits can be worked out with practice.
  4. Overselling and Underselling Skills at Job Interviews
    • It is important that you tell people what you can do, and how you can do it better than the next person. There is no need to brag to communicate this fully.
    • You should also practice delivering answers to potential questions at a job interview with a friend, in front of a mirror or on tape. Familiarize yourself with your answers, but do not memorize them.

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