Insurance Agent Video: Becoming an Insurance Broker or Agent

Insurance Agent Video: Becoming an Insurance Broker or Agent Transcript

The insurance industry is large and the need for insurance is continuing to grow. This is why insurance agents, a.k.a. insurance brokers, are so important. Insurance agents help choose the type of insurance policy that best fits their clients' needs and provide valuable financial services, such as financial planning.


Insurance, in general, works on the principal that, by having a client pay a certain amount each month, an insurance company will be able help pay the costs associated with a damaging event. Insurance agents help their clients choose the insurance policies that provide the best protection, whether for an individual, an entire family or a company's employees. The types of insurance coverage that agents sell usually fall into the categories of property, casualty, life, health, disability and long-term care.

Job Skills and Duties

Some insurance agents specialize in selling and overseeing certain types of insurance policies. Others work for particular companies, selling only that company's policies and services. There are also a number of people in this business who work as independent agents, representing several insurance companies.

It is an agent's job to sell insurance policies and bring in new clients. Other duties include helping clients to settle insurance claims or plan for the future. There are many agents who assist clients with retirement plans, estate planning, financial analysis and mutual fund investing.

Training Required

While a college degree is not required, many companies prefer hiring agents with college degrees in business or economics. Formal education can help professionals understand the technical aspects of the insurance industry. Sometimes, though, companies will hire high school graduates with proven sales ability and experience in a related work field.

Regardless of education, all insurance agents must earn a state issued license. Requirements for an insurance license vary from state to state. Usually certain coursework is required, as well as the passing of exams covering insurance fundamentals and state insurance law. Agents are also required to receive individual licenses to sell life, health, property and casualty insurance. Organizations such as the National Alliance for Education and Research provide a number of courses, as well as certification in a chosen expertise.

Well Known Jobs Within this Field of Expertise

It is not uncommon for someone to be hired as an insurance agent right out of college. Insurance agents work for insurance companies or as independent agents. Agents with experience and a college education can become sales managers or be asked to manage a branch office. Others may move on to higher executive positions within the company.


The insurance industry is one of the largest in the country, so the opportunities in the field are numerous. Insurance agents serve as the bridge between the person in need of insurance and the company providing it.


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