Quality Assurance Professional Video: Career Options in Quality Management

Quality Assurance Professional Video: Career Options in Quality Management Transcript

If you are interested in how products work and how they can be better, you may want to work in quality assurance management. Quality assurance managers develop the systems used by quality control personnel to determine and improve the quality of a company's goods.


Quality assurance and quality control are often confused as being the same. Quality assurance is process oriented, while quality control is product oriented. Quality assurance is about coming up with the processes and systems used to insure that a product meets company standards. Quality control deals with the actual testing of a product to make sure it works. Both are essential in determining that a product does what it is supposed to, will not break down or make you sick. Quality assurance personnel monitor the standards and methods by which products are produced, whether those products are food, textiles, clothing, vehicles or other manufactured items.

Job Skills and Duties

Quality assurance is an on-going activity, with standards changing as companies strive to improve their goods. People who work in this field need to be keen observers. They must be scrupulous in determining that a company's criterion is being met. An aptitude for mechanics and mathematics is needed, as are good communication skills. The job of those in quality management is to guarantee that the quality of a product is what the business or organization says it is. The methods that quality assurance managers use to determine excellence will vary according to the item. All the senses--sight, touch, smell, sound and taste--can be used. Hand held instruments, such as micrometers, calipers and alignment gauges may be used, as well as electronic devices

Training Required

Quality inspectors and testers usually receive on-the-job training. The training required will vary depending on the company and the item being produced. A thorough knowledge of the type of items produced by a business is highly beneficial. A bachelor's or master's degree is important for those who wish to go into management.


Establishing high standards in the products they produce is a priority for all manufacturers. Quality assurance personnel establish the systems companies use to make sure that those standards are continually being met.





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