SAP Software Engineer Video: Training Requirements and Career Options

SAP Software Engineer Video: Training Requirements and Career Options Transcript

Computer technology changes rapidly and software engineering professionals should always be thinking, 'What's next?' SAP is a provider of software solutions to businesses of all sizes. Certifications in SAP technologies can open doors to positions in consulting and computer software development. SAP is known for its business solutions and enterprise applications, including supply chain management software, server applications and programming languages. If you make your living working with computers and developing computer software, do yourself a favor and find out what SAP certifications can do for you.


SAP is one of the largest software companies in the entire world. They are best known for their enterprise resource planning software package, SAP ERP, formerly SAP R/3, and ABAP, a programming language. SAP certifications are a great way to build skills and increase professional options.

Job Duties and Skills

Software engineers interested in careers utilizing SAP technologies will be working mainly with Advanced Business Application Programming (ABAP). ABAP is a programming language that is quite similar in syntax and use to the Common Business Oriented Language (COBOL). COBOL is a dying language and skilled COBOL developers may find that their skills will translate easily into the more in-demand world of ABAP programming.

Developers working with ABAP will use it to create custom modules, applications, scripts and tools that work alongside other SAP applications. In addition to knowledge of the language itself, developers will need to be well-versed in the principles of object oriented programming and database design.

SAP ERP is a financial accounting system that allows human resource professionals, financial analysts, managers, salespeople and other professionals to interact. Programmers are often hired to maintain the underlying databases in this program. These professionals will need to be experts in algorithm design and development in order to perfect the lightning fast searches that are needed to parse such huge amounts of data.

Training Required

As SAP software becomes more commonplace in the business world, many computer programmers, software engineers and other information technology professionals are becoming interested in making SAP part of their skill-set. SAP certifications are ideal for inexperienced software developers looking to build their resumes and experienced professionals looking to update their skills.

SAP offers a series of proprietary certifications. These are considered more prestigious than any other SAP certifications offered through online universities, community colleges or other organizations. Three levels of certifications are offered by SAP: associate, professional and master.

The associate level focuses on providing a fundamental understanding of SAP technologies and how they can be integrated into a general business model. This certification is intended for professionals with no SAP experience.

Professional certifications are best for those familiar with SAP looking to broaden and deepen their knowledge base. As one of its benefits, professional certifications provide access to an online community of SAP developers who can provide advice and networking opportunities.

Master level certifications are intended to help the most experienced SAP developers and professionals take the next step in their careers. Before enrolling in a master certification, candidates are required to pass a comprehensive screening and admissions process that ensures only the most dedicated SAP professionals are enrolled.

Career Options

SAP certified software engineers often choose to act as independent contractors or consultants. This entails solving specific problems and moving from job to job, rather than the stability of a full-time position with a single company. Software developers who have SAP certifications will also be able to pursue a variety of challenging software development positions with organizations that make use of SAP technologies. They will also have increased opportunities for promotion to project management and other leadership roles.


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