Welding Classes in Denver with School Options

Sep 27, 2018

Research welding classes in Denver, which currently has several schools within roughly 15 miles of its downtown offering programs. Read an overview of programs, admission info and program requirements for three Denver schools and decide which program is right for you.

Welding Programs in Denver, CO

There are three community colleges in Denver, CO, that offer certificate and associate's degree programs in welding. Get summaries of the programs, review some key school facts, and find out about a couple of other options in the area with welding training programs.

  • Front Range Community College, the largest of the three featured schools, offers an associate's degree program in welding and seven certificate programs. These programs are offered at the school's Larimer campus.
  • Certificate and associate's degree programs that focus on fabrication are available at the Community College of Denver, located just under 1.5 miles from the downtown.
  • Red Rocks Community College offers its certificate and associate's degree programs with Warren Tech, which is an American Welding Society (AWS) Schools Excelling through National Skills Standards Education (SENSE) certified educational institution. This school is located 10.4 miles from downtown Denver.

Comparison of Schools

As noted in the table below, in-state and out-of-state tuition rates at the three featured community colleges are relatively similar. All three schools also have open admissions policies.

Front Range Community College Community College of Denver Red Rocks Community College
School Type 2-year, public 2-year, public 2-year, public
Total Enrollment (2017) 19,259* 8,556* 7,355*
Campus Setting Large suburb Large city Midsize city
Tuition & Fees (2017-2018) $3,908 in-state; $14,783 out-of-state* $3,909 in-state; $14,673 out-of-state* $4,008 in-state; $14,773 out-of-state*
% of First-Year Students Receiving Any Form of Financial Aid (2016-2017) 65%* 80%* 50%*
Acceptance Rate N/A - open admissions* N/A - open admissions* N/A - open admissions*
Retention Rate (2016-2017) 59% for full-time students; 44% for part-time students* 55% for full-time students; 39% for part-time students* 49% for full-time students; 40% for part-time students*
Graduation Rate (2017) 23% (17% transfer-out rate) (for those who began their studies in 2014)* 10% graduation rate (10% transfer-out rate) (for those who began their studies in 2011)* 26% graduation rate (32% transfer-out rate) (for those who began their studies in 2011)*

Source: *National Center for Education Statistics.

Front Range Community College

The welding programs at Front Range Community College are available on the Larimer campus. In addition to those listed below, there's a 33-credit Comprehensive Welding certificate program.

Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW) Certificate

This is a short certificate program: students take courses in introductory and advanced GTAW and safety in welding.

Gas Metal Arc Welding Certificate

This 1-semester program offers training in gas metal arc welding on a variety of joint configurations and metals. Courses include topics in safety practices in addition to introductory and advanced gas metal arc welding.

Oxyacetylene Welding Certificate

This short certificate program has two courses totaling five credits. Students first take a course in safety, either welding safety or safety in manufacturing, and then one in allied cutting processes.

Creative Metalworking Certificate

Courses in this 16-credit certificate program include computer-aided drafting, 2-D design, welding safety, tungsten inert gas (TIG) welding and allied cutting processes.

Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW) Certificate

Students take two courses in basic SMAW, which cover using SMAW equipment with various electrodes, as well as performing minor repairs, safety inspections and layout procedures. The advanced SMAW course covers much of the same material as the basic course plus using SMAW operations on fillet and groove welds with various electrodes.

Welding Fundamentals Certificate

Students must complete nine credits to earn this certificate. Students have some flexibility in their courses options and can choose from welding safety, basic GTAW, basic SMAW or gas metal arc welding (GMAW).

Associate of Applied Science in Welding

The associate's degree program can train students for entry-level positions as well as help employed students upgrade their skills. The program is open entry, so students may return to the program after working to continue their studies. Courses include welder safety, SMAW, blueprint reading, GTAW, fabrication and layout. The program requires the completion of 60-62 credits.

Community College of Denver

The welding programs at this community college prepare students to enter the workforece or they may choose to transfer to a four-year institution to continue his or her education.

Basic Welding Certificate

Students taking this certificate program will learn about basic SMAW, joining processes using oxyacetylene and cutting processes. Students also take courses in technical math and safety in welding.

Intermediate Welding Certificate

The curriculum for this certificate program includes all of the basic welding certificate program courses in addition to courses in PC applications and blueprint reading. This program is designed to be completed in two semesters and requires a total of 24 credits.

Arc Welder Certificate

This program can give students entry-level skills in arc welding. Students may find jobs as construction, plate or arc welders upon graduation. Completed courses in this certificate program can be counted as credits towards the Associate of Applied Science in Fabrication Welder degree program. Courses include SMAW basics and advanced techniques, technical math, allied cutting processes and blueprint reading.

Fabrication Welder Certificate

Students train to become metal inert gas (MIG), TIG, construction, fabrication, production, industrial, plate or arc welders. Students may seek certification in TIG/MIG welding and SMAW after completing the certificate program. Courses include oxyacetylene joining processes, SMAW basic and advanced training, GTAW intro and advanced training and GMAW intro and pipe welding.

Associate of Applied Science in Fabrication Welding

Students can learn how to weld metals, such as thin-gauge sheets, pipes and heavy plates, using GTAW, GMAW, SMAW and oxyacetylene welding. Students may work on aluminum and various steels. The program prepares students to seek certification in TIG/MIG welding and SMAW. This program requires a total of 65 credits and can be completed in four semesters.

Red Rocks Community College

Red Rocks Community College has been offering programs since 1969. Welding programs are offered in association with Warren Tech, a career and technical center. Warren Tech is an SENSE educational institution, offering training at the entry welder level.

Ox-Fuel Welding and Cutting Certificate

The ox-fuel welding (OFW) and ox-fuel cutting (OFC) certificate program consists of three courses totaling nine credits. Courses include welding safety, allied cutting process and oxyacetylene joining processes.

SMAW Certificate

Students learn the basics of SMAW in the two-course program, including safety inspections and layout practices and procedures. Students are instructed in operating parameters, running equipment used in SMAW and performing SMAW operations on fillet and groove welds using various electrodes.

GMAW Certificate

Students take two courses in GMAW. Topics covered in courses include metallurgy principles, operating parameters, minor repairs and safety inspections.

Flux Core Arc Welding (FCAW) Certificate

Students learn about safety inspections, FCAW equipment operation with a self-shielded wire, material selection, preparation and joint design principles and operating parameters. Other topics in this eight-credit program include cost estimating and welding applications as applied to inspection, fabrication and welding.

GTAW Certificate

This certificate program has an introductory course and an advanced course in GTAW. Students enrolled in this certificate program need to have knowledge of basic metallurgy (i.e. weldability of metals), welding safety and structural joints. They learn to perform GTAW processes on aluminum, stainless steel and carbon steel.

Associate of Applied Science in Welding

Students take general education courses in addition to welding courses. Core welding courses include GMAW, flux cored arc welding, advanced GTAW, fabrication, layout and computer-aided drafting. This program requires a total of 64 credits.

Other School Options

Students can also find welding programs at Pickens Technical College, approximately 11.7 miles (27 min.) from downtown Denver, Lincoln College of Technology, about 9 miles from downtown, and Emily Griffith Technical College, about one mile from downtown Denver. Emily Griffith Technical College is an AWS SENSE institution offering welder training at the entry level.

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