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Jul 29, 2019

There are more than forty schools within Ohio that have welding programs. Read an overview of the ten largest schools' programs, requirements and tuition information and find out which school is the right one for you.

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Essential Information

Students in Ohio have a wide range of schools from which they may earn a certificate or associate's degree in welding. Degree programs include general education courses in addition to the hands-on training in tools, methods, and safety procedures that constitute the certificate programs. While associate's degrees usually take about two years to earn, a certificate in welding may be achieved in as little as three courses taken during one semester. Ten of the largest schools offering welding programs are presented below.

Belmont College

Located in Saint Clairsville, Belmont College has a certificate program and associate's degree program available in welding technology. The 9-month certificate program requires 36 credit hours worth of courses. The classes for this program go over welding techniques for TIG, MIG, and SMAW. The 67 credit hour associate's degree program requires similar courses from the certificate program. However, students in the associate's degree program get to take additional advanced classes on welding as well as earn a general education.

Columbus State Community College

Columbus State Community College, found in Columbus, offers a welding module certificate program and an intermediate welder certificate program. The welding module certificate can be earned in a single semester and requires coursework in MIG and stick welding. These same classes are spread out amongst the intermediate welder certificate's 29 credit hour program. However, the intermediate welder program also has classes on groove and pipe welding, specifications and drawings, skilled trades mathematics and engineering graphics. Students who want to acquire some skills in plumbing, heating and air conditioning, electricity and carpentry in addition to learning about welding can enroll in the facilities maintenance major. Students can pursue that major as an associate's degree or a certificate.

Eastern Gateway Community College

Eastern Gateway Community College is in the city of Steubenville and students there can pursue certificates for welding and advanced welding or an Associate of Applied Science in Welding degree. The basic welding certificate program is 21-semester credits while the advanced welding certificate program is 24-semester credits. These programs each take 2 semesters to complete. The coursework found in these certificate programs is also found in the associate's degree program. Students at Eastern Gateway Community College can take classes on welding safety, oxy-fuel cutting, manufacturing processes, groove welding, technical and professional writing, and computer-aided design.

Edison State Community College

Students in the city of Piqua can enroll at Edison State Community College and take welding classes as part of the industrial equipment concentration for the Associate of Applied Science in Equipment Maintenance Technology degree program. The basic welding class at this school is an introduction to gas tungsten arc welding, oxyacetylene welding, gas metal arc welding and shielded metal arc welding. There are also individual courses that go into advanced techniques in gas tungsten arc welding, shielded metal arc welding and gas metal arc welding.

Lorain County Community College

In the area of Elyria, Lorain County Community College has a certificate and associate degree options in welding technology. The first technical certificate program is a short term 19 credit hour program while the welding operator technical certificate program is a yearlong 34 credit hour program. Both of these certificate programs require students to study welding codes and standards, wire fed processes, basic shielded metal arc welding, welding specifications, oxy-fuel welding and cutting, and gas tungsten arc welding. The associate's degree program in welding technology is 66 credit hours and in addition to going over the content found in the certificate programs, students also take classes on welding quality inspection and advanced arc welding.

O C Collins Career Center

O C Collins Career Center is located in Chesapeake and students enrolled at that school can participate in a welding technology program. This is a program typically held during the evenings from 4:00 pm to 10:00 pm three times a week. After students familiarize themselves with emergency procedures and industrial safety, they can then move onto learning about machinery procedures, weld testing, and quality and blueprint reading. The welding portion of the program goes over carbon arc cutting, SMAW groove, and fillet welds and GMAW fillet welds.

Owens Community College

Owens Community College offers students near Perrysburg certificate options for SMAW welding, GTAW welding, and GMAW welding. These programs consist of 3 to 4 courses which amount to 6 to 8 credits. There is also a welding certificate program that covers all the content found in the previously mentioned programs. Students in this program also take classes on pipe welding and machining. Finally, there is an associate's degree option for welding majors too. The curriculum for the associate's degree program consists of the coursework found in the certificate program along with classes on public speaking or communications, quality control, industrial physics, material science, and computer diagnosis.

Terra State Community College

The city of Fremont is home to Terra State Community College which has a degree program that results in an Associate of Applied Science in Welding Technology. The introduction classes for the program are on the following topics: blueprint reading, safety, electricity, and materials. From there, students learn about GTAW, GMAW and SMAW welding. Students are required to have cooperative work experience in addition to learning about welding procedures and codes. In total, it takes about 64 to 66 credits to complete the welding technology associate's degree program.

University of Rio Grande

Named after the city of Rio Grande, the University of Rio Grande has educational options for students interested in welding. The welding certificate program here offers classes in welding inspection and testing, blueprint reading, manufacturing processes, and metallurgy and materials. Students who want another welding educational option at this school can pursue the Associate of Technical Studies in Welding degree program. This 67 semester hour program requires students to complete the same curriculum found in the certificate program in addition to enrolling in classes for basic and advanced pipe welding, CNC and hydraulics.

Zane State College

Zane State College in Zanesville offers welding and fabrication majors a certificate program and an associate's degree program. The certificate program takes a year to complete while the associate's degree program requires several years of study to finish. The certificate program is 43 curriculum hours with 28 hours being in technical coursework and 15 hours being in general and basic classes. The associate's degree program has 30 hours for basic and general studies along with 43 hours for technical major courses which results in a 73 curriculum hour program. Students at this school can take welding classes on industrial health and safety, SMAW, welding symbols, and computer applications, welding cutting processes and safety and engineering graphics.

School Comparison: At a Glance

School Name School Type and Setting Welding Programs Offered Undergraduate Tuition and Fees (2018-2019)
Belmont College 2-year, public; fringe rural Associate of Applied Science in Welding Technology,
Certificate in Welding Technology
$4,310 (in-state)*
$6,994 (out-of-state)*
Columbus State Community College 2-year, public; large city Welding Module Certificate,
Intermediate Welder Certificate,
Facilities Maintenance Associate Degree,
Facilities Maintenance Certificate
$4,284 (in-state)*
$8,906 (out-of-state)*
Eastern Gateway Community College 2-year, public; small city Associate of Applied Science in Welding,
Welding Certificate,
Advanced Welding Certificate
$4,076 (in-district)*
$4,240 (in-state)*
$7,188 (out-of-state)*
Edison State Community College 2-year, public; fringe rural Associate of Applied Science in Equipment Maintenance Technology with an Industrial Equipment Concentration $4,698 (in-state),
$8,608 (out-of-state)*
Lorain County Community College 4-year, public; small city Welding Technology Short Term Technical Certificate,
Welding Operator Technical Certificate,
Associate of Applied Science in Welding Technology
$3,485 (in-district)*
$4,140 (in-state)*
$8,081 (out-of-state)*
O C Collins Career Center 2-year, public; fringe rural Welding Technology Program $6,850**
Owens Community College 2-year, public; large suburb GMAW Welding Certificate,
GTAW Welding Certificate,
SMAW Welding Certificate,
Pipe Welding Pre-Cert & Test,
Associate of Applied Science in Welding
$5,150 (in-state)*
$9,062 (out-of-state)*
Terra State Community College 2-year, public; fringe rural Associate of Applied Science in Welding Technology $4,652 (in-state)*
$8,936 (out-of-state)*
University of Rio Grande 4-year, primarily associate's, private not-for-profit; distant rural Welding Certificate,
Associate of Technical Studies in Welding
Zane State College 2-year, public; distant town Welding and Fabrication Certificate,
Associate of Applied Science in Welding and Fabrication
$5,156 (in-state)*
$10,016 (out-of-state)*

Source: *NCES College Navigator. **School Website

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